Kelsey Brookes : Sink or Swim

Kelsey Brookes draws inspiration from Hindu and Buddhist deities, exotic animals, sex and the rustic nature of old American quilts. Kelsey’s paintings reveal other worldly figures adorned by his personal, often phenetic* visual style and the raw energy of nature.

Kelsey is a former biochemist who discovered art after a soulful search yearning for something more potent—a life changing alteration that lead to his current artistic adventure. Successful exhibitions in Los Angeles, London and his surf residence in San Diego have delivered a unique collection of paintings that represents a clash between ancient and ultra-modern ideals. Often sexually charged, Kelsey’s paintings feature a potent mix up of women, beasts, sacred deities, folk art traditions and his intuitive voice.

Check out more of Kelsey’s work at where you will find 2 amazing nine color screen-prints limited to an edition of 100, signed and numbered, measuring 20” x 20.” They are offered individually ($100) or as a set ($180) plus shipping. They rock, and Kelsey Brookes is working hard on a new body of work, including a new painting for the Scribble08 exhibition in San Diego during Comic-Con, July 23--curation by yours truly.

Wikipedia Notes :
In biology, phenetics, also known as numerical taxonomy or taximetrics, is an attempt to classify organisms based on overall similarity, usually in morphology or other observable traits, regardless of their phylogeny or evolutionary relation.

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