July 24 : Exhibition : SuperHero

SuperHero Fine Art Exhibition : The artwork is amazing and all of the artists have created their pieces for Friday's fine art exhibition, "SuperHero." All of the paintings are available for acquisition and you can contact me at murphy--at--murphydesign.com for more information and a complete price list :

All of the paintings will be featured during the Planet Illogica launch party on Friday, July 24 from 6:30 pm to 12:30 am in San Diego during Comic-Con : Art work sizes are 12" x 12,"unless indicated.

Jennybird Alcantara : the heart of little red : 9 1/2" x 11 1/2"

David "Netherland" van Alphen : Sold

Jonathan Bergeron : Lost Puppy : oil on wood panel

Chris Buzelli : The Sea Collector

Molly Crabapple : Frog Princess : pen, ink, guache, liquid gold leaf : 10" x 10"

Amy Crehore : Conversation with Willy Wiggly

Amy Crehore : Cloudy Day Blues

Steven Daily : After the Accident : acrylic on wood panel

Brendan Danielsson : Honk on Bobo : Sold

Leslie Ditto

Bob Dob : Boobie Brain : oil on panel

P-Jay Fidler : Casting Judgement : 8" x 8" framed 12" x 12" : Sold

Lars Henkel : Tunguska Studies 01

James Kirkpatrick

Travis Lampe : the Voice : acrylic on wood panel

Jason Limon
Jason Limon

Lola : Magic Maker

Dan May : The Seeker, The Companion, and the Watcher

Mike Maxwell : The Memoirs of Francis M.H. White

Brandi Milne : Twin Carnivores

Brandi Milne : Circus Girl : Perfectly round on wood panel

Mark Murphy : Tax Me/Sweet Life

Joel Nakamura : Sold

Joel Nakamura : Gamera : Sold

Kathie Olivas : Sadie : NA

Nathan Ota : Sheltered

Luke Ramsey : Ying-Yang

Chris Ryniak : Greenland

Erik Mark Sandberg : girl with unicorn face painting : oil, resin, glitter, and silk screen

Raudiel Sañudo : Thirsty for Justice

Mijn Schatje

Nathan Spoor : New Horizon

David Russell Talbott : Oeuvre Bitch : Sold

Gary Taxali : Stuff

Jon Todd : Luchadore de Demonio

Joe Vaux

Marco Wagner : Ferien : Sold

Jeni Yang : Feast

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