Scribble.08 Documentary Film in Final Production

Rob and Christian Clayton

Scribble.08 is a documentary that I started in 2003 featuring the Clayton Brothers, Camille Rose Garcia, Jeff Soto, Kevin Christy, Martha Rich, Tim Biskup and Joe Sorren. Plenty has changed, and the careers of the featured seven has grown substantially. Recently, the film has been revised, completely re edited and reworked from start to finish. Kind thanks to the crew at Ten Stories for their help in bringing this project to completion.

Joe Sorren

Scribble.08 is inspired by the art movement of Southern California and my personal vocation to archive this art movement on film. A passionate crew comprised of Rob Craghead, Jeromy and Matt Stallings, Ryan Sabo and Mark Murphy filmed artist studios in and around Los Angeles. We all piled into a Jeep with no budget, and rolled around Southern California capturing inspired testimony and archiving a critical event in the arts.

Jeff Soto

(And believe me there are stories, including 9 hours of commuter traffic from San Diego to Los Angeles enroute interview Camille Rose Garcia).

Tim Biskup

Originally, the film was quickly cut together for a Philadelphia creative conference in 2003. The project was rushed and the immediate focus became “getting er done.” Today’s focus is a revised dedication to the project, (kind thanks to Derek Snyder), and a refocused vision to celebrate the fine arts. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, as the film is really amazing and captures an amazing time in the artist’s careers.

Martha Rich

Scribble.08 will debut at ComicCon in San Diego 2009, July 23 and the DVD made available for the first time. The film will feature animation, original paintings, talented artists and great music created by MANUOK, Tim Biskup’s Big Butter, The Lyle and the Sparkleface Band featuring Joe Sorren and UKEFINK featuring Jason Holley. Scribble.08 is a historic capture celebrating visual narrative and provides the fine arts community with an inspired look at 8 influential artists.

Camille Rose Garcia

Scribble.08, directed by Mark Murphy, 43 minutes, 7 unique interviews, theme music created by MANUOK, Tim Biskup sketchbook footage and an interview with director, Mark Murphy. Scribble.08 is produced by Ninthlink, TenStories and Murphy Design.

The film was made possible by the generous support of Planet Illogica, 424 Media, Gallerie d’Art Yves Laroche, Dannecker & Associates and fans of art and culture.

Kevin Christy

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