Scribble Art Documentary No. 2 in progress

Esther Pearl Watson

Scribble.08 fine art documentary will be premiering at various festivals and conferences this year. And to take advantage, I thought to throw another log on the fire and keep the passion for the project burning and begin working on a second documentary film.

Martin Wittfooth

Scribble Art Documentary No. 2 (new title in the works) is currently in progress and will feature: Shawn Barber, Kelsey Brookes, Victor Castillo, Matt Furie, James Jean, Souther Salazar, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Martin Wittfooth, Megan Whitmarsh and Justin Wood.

Souther Salazar

The second film will feature artists working in their studios, installing work in galleries, drawing, painting and openly discussing their work, inspirational points of view and how it all began.

Mark Todd

Scribble is a series I hope to make a life’s work. We all have a unique opportunity to form line on a page at a very early age. It is a right of passage for most of us and it’s in the scribbled form that we develop our earliest notions about ourselves.

Justin Wood

We evaluate whether we are creative, question our ability to stay within the lines or look to evolve process and get into making things with our hands. Part two of this series looks more closely at this important notion.

James Jean

The second film will shoot 30-60 minute sessions with each artist, remain candid and stay dedicated to producing top-notch inspirational content. Each interview is a natural exchange between the artist and director/producer Mark Murphy. Thankfully a few lessons have been learned during the first Scribble campaign, (serious experiential tuition), and this kid is enjoying the process much more. Honestly, school is back in session and similar to the organic flow of the artistic process, I am focusing on capturing the essence of each artist, before making final production and editing decisions.

Kelsey Brookes

The pressure is on, as I feel the need to produce a high-quality film that features great talent, high-quality content, and a consistent rhythm shared amongst the editing, sound, titling and final production. Time is being shared between designing Kelsey Brooke’s new book, orchestrating the “Survey Select” exhibition and staying organized on Scribble No. 2. (Thanks for your support—its an honor to collaborate with all of these great artists—another great reason to pack it all in this lifetime)

Matt Furie

If you are into film festivals, you may want to join me in celebrating Scribble.08, (the first documentary featuring 8 significant artists of our time: Joe Sorren, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Kevin Christy, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup and Rob and Christian Clayton), at creative conferences and film festivals. A partial list is featured below and more will be posted soon, or at least I hope so.

Friday 3/26 – Saturday 3/27 :
AIGA Y Conference No. 15 : Shift :San Diego :CA

Thursday 4/22 – Sunday 4/25 :
Kent Film Festival :Kent : CT

Wednesday 6/30 @ 5 PM :
NewFilmmakers Film Festival : NY :NY

Wednesday 7/14 – Saturday 7/17 :
Illustration Conference :Los Angeles :CA

Thursday 7/22 : Survey Select Exhibition :
Comic Con Premier of Scribble Art Documentary No. 2

Shawn Barber

In the meantime, the camera is rolling and I am looking to deliver a final product at this year’s “Survey Select” exhibition held July 15 – August 28. My hope is to release it during Comic Con on Thursday, July 22 from 7 pm to 12 am.

Victor Castillo

And if you are an art teacher or student, feel free to email me about sharing a Scribble.08 screening with your school or classroom. You can view the trailer here. You can see a review in USAToday here. Order your copy today here.

Megan Whitmarsh

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