Communication Arts Illustration Annual No. 51

Communication Arts released their Illustration Annual No. 51 recently and was fortunate to judge this issue. The cover is adorned by a colorful digital entry by Roman Klonek, composed of 2 flat female figures tripping on geometric mushrooms and bombpop.

Jason Holley

The May/June Issue (No. 374) by Communication Arts and the Coyne Family is a solid annual that features 133 pages of winning entries and editorial content. As I reflect on the judging process while paging through this issue, “It’s not too bad.”

One major challenge for annuals, since there are millions of people creating imagery every day, is to keep a careful eye out for the industry copycats. I think artists, photographers and designers who mimic “living” professionals are “bunk-a-saurs.” Essentially, it bums me to the core to see artists imitate a style that is not their own, get paid for it and then win an award. With 5 judges, you never know what will end up in the final pages. Sadly, there are a few pages of “bunk-a-saurs.”

Gérard DuBois : 12 7/8” x 10 7/8” : Acrylic on Paper

My favorite piece in the entire magazine features Montreal fine artist, Gérard DuBois, who has been presented at Art Basel and featured in past Murphy Design projects. Gérard DuBois created an exceptional piece for Rob Wilson of Playboy depicting a story from Vladimir Nabokov’s unfinished novel, “The Original of Laura.”

Marco Wagner

Congratulations to the winners. You can find the Communication Arts Illustration Annual at your local book and magazine shop. There are some great pieces featured within the pages and CA is a great reference for the creative industry, so check it out.

Patrick Coyne, editor of Communication Arts will be contributing an essay to Survey Select, which will be published in the exhibition catalog this summer, July 15 – September 5, 2010. Thank you to Patrick for his support and the Coyne family for their hospitality.

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