Comic-Con 2010 Booth No. 4833

Alex Toth (1928-2006)

One of the oldest urban legends shared in American by comic book collectors is how Mom disposed of your comic book collection by taking it to to the curb. It makes me ponder, “How many super heroes lie dormant in the sea of trash discarded at the city dump?”

Just imagine if Mom never discovered your comic book collection secretly hidden in your bedroom lair. (Not to mention whatever else you were hiding in there). For the lucky ones, according to many experts, if you were able to hold on to your 1938 mint copy of Action Comics No. 1, you and Superman would be high-fiving over your right to claim a $440,000 payday. And if you knew a good superhero when you saw one, your Detective Comics No. 27 introducing Batman in 1939 would be valued at a sweet $375,000. All in all, you would be a millionaire if you were smart enough to hang on to the edgier Human Torch introduced in the first issue of the 1939 Marvel Comics valued at $330,000.

Mike Royer (1941) : Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) : Jack Kirby (1917-1994)
Comic-Con March and August 1970 : U.S. Grant Hotel : Official Guests

And why am I writing about this adolescent obsession turned mega Hollywood blockbuster phenomena? Glad you asked. “Comic-Con!” Not just any comic convention, it’s San Diego’s original culture-jam that dates back to 1970 featuring 500 comic fans assembled at the U.S. Grant Hotel. (A nostalgic hotel built in 1910, just ask Ray Caesar who resided for one week, he loved it!). Forty years later capacity crowds will gather at the world’s largest costumed celebration complimented with artists, jet-set Hollywood, fanatic collectors and the superhero faithful.

Travis Lampe original paintings featured in silk-screened frames

Murphy Art Books will be located at Comic-Con booth 4833 featuring original artwork, signed mini zines, fine art books, dvds and plenty of inspirational chatter. This year will feature Travis Lampe, Jeff Soto, Joel Nakamura, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson and new art-shirts by Gary Baseman, Ryan Wallace, Joseph Hart and Mark Murphy. Comic-Con will be taking place at the San Diego Convention from July 22 – 25 with a special preview taking place the night of July 21, 2010.

Thesis Sahib : Matt Furie : Hugo Crosthwaite : featured at Survey Select

Thursday, July 22 will feature a Comic-Con reception at the Wonder Bread Factory from 6 PM until midnight showcasing the world-class museum exhibition, “Survey Select” and the musical performance of Thesis (aka Thesis Sahib), sponsored by Grim Image Records, an exceptional beat driven rap style that celebrates the essence of story telling. Artists, will no doubt assemble, and marvel about the more than 75 original art works presented by Marshall Arisman, the Clayton Brothers, Anthony Lister, Matt Furie, Jeff Soto, Hugo Crosthwaite and many more. “Survey Select” promises to be a premier event that beckons a celebration of your inner rock star and delivers life changing inspiration.

Joseph Hart : Gary Baseman : Ryan Wallace : TreeHugger Ts at Booth 4833

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 will be a great time and a “what if” moment . . .“oh damn, I wish my Mom kept my old comics?” Not to fear, you will be introduced to a great number of artistic super heroes featured at Comic-Con booth 4833 and “Survey Select” taking place July 22-25 at the Wonder Bread Factory from 10 AM – 6 PM daily with a special rock star reception on Thursday, July 22 from 6 PM – 12 Midnight.

Survey Select will transform the Wonder Bread Factory

Survey Select will be located at 1440 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA (14th & Imperial), Adjacent to the north side of the San Diego Convention Center and next to the Petco Park/baseball stadium parking lot within walking distance of the Comic-Con Convention. See you there and for more information about “Survey Select” please click here for a complete event line up.

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