Cyber Threats and Immediate Response

For the past few weeks I have been harassed online by an “Anonymous” user. It is weird to me, as all of the posts that go up on Scribble 08 to educate people about trends, happenings and interesting artists. Over the years, I have learned plenty through the ups and downs of business, personal challenges and putting my reputation on the line.

Recently, I received an online threat for an article entitled, “The Lost Children of Art, I Suppose.” The article, based on personal experience, is a call for galleries, artists and critics to dig deep and find their original voice. It is time to infuse society with more original works, learn from artists of the past and commit to more original thinking. It is a critical essay, inviting further analysis of the growing trend about “art fashion.”

“The Lost Children of Art...” article stirred up the emotions of one blog reader, “anonymous,” who would like to go after my reputation. I bring this up to all of you as a reminder that cyber crime is more than credit card and banking fraud, it’s about slanderous behavior exercised simply with a keyboard and internet connection. So here is the aggressive post, non-edited, as a response to “The Lost Children of Art, I Suppose.”

Anonymous quote removed after one day posted. Kind thanks to all FB posts and comments, all great insight.

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