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This past Sunday was a full day. Dave Arabia and I hit the road to complete the last stage of filming for the upcoming Scribble documentary yet to be titled. Our schedule was packed with 3 studio visits and 4 extremely talented artists in the Los Angeles area.

Ryan Reyes Display :
“Got Love” was just added to the Murphy Fine Art Collection

Stop one featured a visit at the famed Los Angeles estate of Albert Reyes. Albert’s sprawling manor features multiple living pods, creative studio, graffiti wall and a full-scales haunted house. Yes, a well constructed haunted house in the backyard that includes a look out tower, interior maze, severed heads, rats, porno portraits and living spider webs. Albert took an early morning grape juice run and the filming party really got started.

Ryan Reyes and gal pal (yellow and white Matt Furie tops)
Albert (red Matt Furie shirt) : Matt Furie (Matt Furie shorts)
Albert Reyes is a bad ass Haunted House builder

Joining in the weekend fun at the Albert Reyes parkland was San Francisco based artist Matt Furie. Originally from Ohio, Matt shared his big smile, philosophy on burgers, early influences and his charismatic “prisma” colored characters. Good fun was had and everyone was sporting Matt Furie attire.

Souther Salazar Color Images from Fumetto Festival and Studio

Across town Souther Salazar and Monica Choy were recovering from jetlag and their return from the Fumetto Comix Festival in Switzerland. Souther created a beautiful installation of assorted sculptures, smartly designed to efficiently ship to compliment his paintings, comics and limited edition zines. Souther shared his experiences in Byrne, Switzerland and his early creative influences--Cirque Calder, Roger Miller, early books about making comics and building creative compositions out of found materials.

Megan Whitmarsh in the studio

Nearby we visited Megan Whitmarsh at her recently completed modern studio. A beautiful space filled with multi-colored fabrics, embroidery threads, sketches and hand-sewn creations. Megan eloquently discussed her unique style of “narrative” and its’ origins dating back to her early experiences in the studio at the age of four years old.

Souther Salazar : Victor Castillo : Martin Wittfooth : Mark Todd

“Scribble No. 2” is now in the editing stages, a daunting, time consuming task, as pressure mounts to unveil a genuine documentary featuring: Shawn Barber, Kelsey Brookes, Victor Castillo, Matt Furie, James Jean, Albert Reyes, Souther Salazar, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Megan Whitmarsh, Martin Wittfooth and Justin Wood. Sweet times, great memories, amazing talent and fantastic perspective about the modern state of the fine arts. More soon.

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