MANUOK + Drew Andrews @ Survey Select

Thursday, August 5 San Diego rock band MANUOK kicked off their west coast tour and new album, “The Old Horse” to the intimate crowd at “Survey Select.” Live music is one of the great dimensions of “Survey Select” and a great dimension of the eight week exhibition.

“Survey Select” and its converted space by Bells and Whistles, presented a wonderful space for the edgy acoustic set of Drew Andrews and his band. Wood beams, concrete walls mixed with the fine art and the local indie music community of Via Satellite, Black Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot, the Album Leaf and many local musicians created a spirited mix of great music and great friends for a great night.

Drew Andrews kicked off his set with a quality introduction with himself and his acoustic guitar before being joined by his band mates on the second song. MANUOK premiered their new album, “The Old Horse” with a mix of melodic songs and inspired rock and roll. The entire evening surprised visiting guests with an excellent display of mezzo forte (mf = fairly loudly) tunes that promoted instantaneous fanfare.

“Survey Select” is a champion of San Diego/local talent collaborating with Bells and Whistles (interior design), Ninthlink (online marketing), Just Taste It (food design and catering), Florabella (floral design), La Jolla Beverage (community infusion), MANUOK (Scott Mercado = musician/writer/composer), Drew Andrews (musician/writer/composer), John Purlia (writer, art collector), Kelsey Brookes (featured artist), Hugo Crosthwaite (featured artist), Noel-Baza/Quint Gallery/Pierrette Van Cleve, Tim Mantoani (photographer), David Arabia (filmmaker), Kinsee Morlan (City Beat), Jim Chute (Union Tribune), Erin Chambers Smith (SD Magazine), Meredith Hattam (KPBS), Mark Robillard (Clients & Profits), Gilad Segal (writer), Jeffrey Teitelman (screen writer), Kelley Padrick (Marqué Arts) and you. (Kind thanks to all of the contributors from afar too, and all of those traveling to see art history in the making).

You are invited to join in the fun, ongoing weekly happenings at “Survey Select” Tuesday through Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. Visit us at 1400 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110. Take the train from Los Angeles and check out “Viva La Revolution” at the Modern Contemporary at the Santa Fe train station, and trolley it over to “Survey Select.” On display through September 5, 2010. See you soon.

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