Surf Rider Pizza Café No. 2

Ocean Beach has a long-standing tradition of “community” and Hilary Rossi has delivered a great compliment with her new pizza hangout, “Surf Rider Pizza Café.” Back in August, I introduced you all to the new logo and signage created for Hilary’s new restaurant.

5" x 7" Postcards : Contact and enjoy Specials

Since then, there has been quite a bit of design output for menus, signage, stickers, T-Shirts and packaging. Let’s just say, “I am having a great time designing with unique fonts, subtle colors and a logo packed with personality.”

Business Cards Front and Back

The logo and signage have been designed to compliment Hilary’s mission to serve up her East Coast Family recipes. And if you stop by to try out the Stromboli, pizza and pasta dishes, “Be prepared to make room for dessert.” Just Taste It delivers the perfect cure for the average sweet tooth.

Outdoor Signs and Banners

The design is comprised of all hand illustrated icons, backgrounds and logo types. I love fonts and mixing 7 different fonts together, utilized throughout all of the collateral. More design collateral and packaging samples will be posted soon.

The first step in any Murphy Design project is research.

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