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BlackBookSessions No. 9 : Famous Stars and Straps : Maxx 242

Black Book Sessions No. 9 hosted over 900 emerging artists, students, teachers and young adults hungry for artful experience. Thankfully, Westwood College in Anaheim provided an expansive venue and Hybrid Apparel’s commitment to the community was fully realized in collaboration with so many great sponsors—Icee, Tilly’s, Power 106 FM, Vitamin Water, the Wild Ones, Hawg City, Rated R music, Vitamin Water, Famous Stars and Straps, Art Supply Warehouse and Ninthlink.

Live Wall Painting : Panic One : Fear

The energy was turned up a notch as participants were welcomed into a positive world featuring sketchbook collaboration, art contests, computer demonstrations, live painting, silk screen printing demos, block printing demos, art books, food and bumping music from 1 pm to 6 pm.

The whole event rallied excitement as celebrity judges carefully reviewed over 100 art entries (ages 9—25) featuring: Lola, Buff Monster, Jeff Soto, Weeman, Brandi Milne, Brian Viveros, Steven Daily, Jason Gallo—just to name a few...

Black Book Sessions Art Contest Entries

All of the featured booths were rocking too. Artists painted on canvas, wood, paper, walls and offered spectators a variety of artistic style. I joined in with my pal Jeromy Stallings who posted the play-by-play of the entire event interviewing artists and taking great photographs.

My role at the booth was to demonstrate linoleum block printing. (Messy for sure). The response was great and many of the parents who stopped by shared, “Could you imagine attending an event like this as a kid? These kids are so lucky.” I agree, “Lucky-eeeee!”

More Black Book Sessions Art Contest Entries

The weather was amazing, the attendance inspired and as the sun began to set on this great day parents, teachers and emerging artists united as citizens of the arts. Black Book Sessions No. 9 provided leadership and an inspired alternative to in-class learning. Everyone who made it out recognized the opportunity to learn, gaining hands-on-experience and new perspectives. Stay tuned for the next Black Book Sessions.

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