Philippe Lardy Fine Art Interview

Oscillation No. 4

Philippe Lardy is a gifted artist, originally from Switzerland, who explores contrasting relationships between geometric and organic objects. Philippe is about to unveil a new body of work entitled, “Oscillations” at Galerie Farb in Saanen, Switzerland on display 2/20/11 through 3/6/11.

Oscillations No. 5 and No. 6

Philippe and I collaborated twelve years ago on a project entitled, “Passion,” and its amazing to see his work evolve—experimenting with a new variety of shapes, form and color. Recently, I checked in with Philippe to talk more about his upcoming show and he described it as, “A contrast between organic, vegetal shapes and sharp, geometric elements. I sometime consider them as feminine versus masculine elements, or nature versus culture. These paintings focus on the relationships shared between both sides.”

Mountain Temple (R)

As Philippe prepares for his exhibit this weekend, “Oscillations,” in Switzerland he is excited to continue expanding this theme for a Paris show in May. He shares, “Being Swiss— and what else but a passionate mountain climber— I am exploring the violent contrast of the man made hydro electric constructions , dams, etc in high altitude and their strong symbolic aspect in this raw environment. The current show focuses on enlarged close-ups of some of these elements and will continue on. I am looking for images that limit abstraction: rocks, pebbles, and geometric shapes while using traditional fresco techniques featuring pigments, casein on wood.”

Resonance (L)

The work boldly takes a step forward into a new direction. Thanks Philippe for sharing your insight and for more of his work check out his eclectic showcase that has earned numerous book awards and close attention by the New York Times, TIME, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker.

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