Happy St. Patrick’s Day : Detroit Rock City

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. With so much happening in the world it is a well deserved day to visit the pub with your bub. To celebrate this most hallowed tradition, as 50% of me is Irish, the other 50% Lebanese—Guiness goes great with Hummus by the way—I am working hard to prepare for a trip to Detroit. (Brandon Boyd, image above).

Not just any trip, mind you. A get to work, learn me some skills and get inspired with the fine folks at the College of Creative Studies. My good friend and fellow artist Donald Kilpatrick has invited me to work with his classes, experience the letterpress lab and share a few thoughts on Tuesday, March 22 at 11:20 am at the Wendell W. Anderson Auditorium—W.B.Ford Building (Ford campus) at the College of Creative Studies. You are all invited. (Mark Murphy, image above).

And as “luck” would have it, there is a group show, “Lyric,” this Saturday night at 323East Gallery curated by Glenn Barr featuring Jeff Soto, Gary Taxali, Calef Brown, Travis Louie, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and many more.

To prepare, I touched base with Glenn and learned that he had invited many artists that I have collaborated with in the past requesting a musical motif transcription and its words onto canvas. Glenn shares. . .

mM: loved the hand scrawl on your postcard and the promotional pieces you put together for Lyric.

GLB: gosh thanks!

mM: How was it to curate the show and how has the response been?

GLB super strong response... even from the jaded Detroiters. ha. and curating the show was a piece of cake... I just contacted a few fave artists that I new and BAM!.. instant show. Think I'll be doing more in the future...hated not being able to get even MORE artists involved but it's a quaint little gallery space...(Jeff Soto, pictured above)

mM : knowing you will get totally busted, what are some of your immediate favorites?

GLB: only seen a few pieces and I've been completely blown away... Gonna have to see for you're self. Ha!

mM : describe a little bit about the theme Lyric?

GLB: The theme LYRIC seemed like such a universal subject that I knew my artist friends would LOVE to tackle it. Everybody is inspired by music in some way. Everybody has their favorite song… Everybody interprets songs differently too. So how ‘bout your fave artist transcribing a LYRIC into a visual narrative?…. I think it was really easy for these artists to transcribe something they know A LOT about.... I think we all listen to music while we work and paint... right?...(Gary Taxali, pictured above).

mM : what's next for the world according to Glenn Barr?

GLB: solo show at La Luz de Jesus in June, solo show in Italy at MondoPOP Gallery in the fall AND a book thru LAST GASP called "Glenn Barr's FACES" this Sept. Also a print(s) release thru Circus Posterus like within the next 2 weeks and working on toys and bronzes!.... yay. love bronzes....(Calef Brown, pictured above).

Thank you Glenn Barr. Looking forward and ready to crank out some work to prepare for my trip to Detroit and the College for Creative Studies.

The luck of the Irish has me smiling, as I recently discovered the great poetic talents of Doug Tanoury while working on the article for James Jean’s show “REBUS.” Doug grew up in Detroit and recently relocated to Richmond, VA. Bummer, as I had invited him over to the CCA lecture on Tuesday to recite his poetic prose. His art, artists and lyrical quality of his prose is all inspiring. Check him out. More soon and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. (James Jean, image above).

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