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“Plug Me” opens this Friday, April 15 at Subtext in San Diego and thought to share part of the journey over the prelim years trying to discover my inner artist. Five years ago I started doodling each day and dedicated myself to develop a better understanding about the artists I work with. Almost instantly otherworldly creatures began to present themselves in thematic fashion within my sketchbooks and I was hooked.

The creatures were loose, figurative, non-anatomic, existing within their own political, socio and religious environments. Some angry, while others complacent within the world they occupy. And as the sketchbooks filled obsessively, new lessons were noted and experimental forms began to take shape. Twenty-two sketchbooks have now been filled corner to corner.

In 2006, I documented the first group of drawn meanderings in a limited edition book entitled, “Scribble: Pushing Line Round and Around.” “Scribble” featured 38 drawings created over 18 months and was an honest attempt to share the importance of developing creative potential while revealing an individualistic voice (aka “style).

Later in 2006, with the oil crisis on our hands, I decided to create a thematic body of work upon the pages of a 1924 fur trapper’s ledger acquired on Ebay. The final compilation was an editorialized oil perspective about Johnie West’s ledger that detailed his hunt for fur vs. the United States over indulgence and search for “mo” black gold. The group of 30 drawings were mixed with oil factoids and comic like characters. The 40 page “zine” was distributed at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con. Newsweek noticed, picked one up and then published “Oil” in their October 9th issue.

In 2008, I continued to create oil inspired paintings. The featured characters found themselves scrambling for steady ground as their environmental habitat was being unearthed in the search for more oil. William Shakespeare provided a quote about oil and Napoleon provided a font created out of human bone and “Oil Too” was published and released during Comic-Con.

The latter half of 2009 and half of 2010 was spent focused on “Survey Select,” an exhibition featuring 32 live events, 68 fine artists and 100 paintings celebrating Narrative Art. During the opening event in July, Dylan and Don from Subtext invited me to exhibit a solo collection of personal work on April 15 the following year.

Ok, never have done a solo, but knew I wanted to create a cohesive body of work. At the time I reflected on what affected me most in the media: The bail out—a political gush that rewarded bad behavior; the war in Iraq—more political and economic discharge that invited the question, “What about our own backyard?;” environmental and climactic shifts—the BP oil spill; and personal upheaval dealing with intellectual property theft and financial embezzlement by greedy foes disguised as friends… Art became my refuge.

“Plug Me,” short and to the point—an opportunity to make light of the often “too heavy” onslaught of media rumpus, political clamor and socio brouhaha. To immediately get right into it I took two major trips to the Midwest to learn more about the letterpress—worked in Cleveland at Zygote Press with Cathie Bleck and Detroit at the College of Creative Studies with Don Kilpatrick and his students. This was a great opportunity to collaborate, learn and focus on getting work completed for the show.

Collaboration is an important dimension I partnered up with Tasha Rae Jewelry to create a line of creature inspired jewelry hand forged out of sterling silver. Tasha’s creations and signature expertise add a great dimension of original thinking as she added her own unique voice and eye for detail. Can’t wait to share out the “bling.”

“Plug Me” features 40 framed pieces, 5 watercolors, 4 mixed media collage pieces, 5 hand painted letterpress pieces, 1 mono-print, 26 block prints, 12 sterling silver one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces created by Tasha Rae Jewelry and one installation piece featuring an assortment of random drawings and unique prints. “It’s time for a beverage!”

Please join me this Friday at Subtext for the premier opening of “Plug Me.” Opening reception Friday, April 15 6PM—10PM at 2479 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101 and generously sponsored by Vitaminwater Zero and Smartwater by Glaceau. Please email for preview list or jump in and follow the news on Twitter or hit up the FB event page. See you soon and looking forward.

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