Comic-Con Booth 4833—artist exclusives

Comic-Con 2011 is moments away, officially kicking off on Tuesday with the installation of a new booth with Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson, Friday Night Art Reception, tShirt exclusives, art contests and all around goodness. Booth 4833 will be displaying one-of-a-kind zines, books and originals. And knowing that there are many choices throughout the San Diego Convention Center and beyond, I thought to provide a breakdown.

+++Booth No. 4833+++

Where all the magic happens. Ten years in the making, Murphy Fine Art books continues to collaborate with emerging creative talent. This year is no exception, offering signed books by Jeff Soto, Ray Caesar, Tim Hussey, Mark Murphy and more.

Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson will be offering one-of-a-kind prints, zines and comic novelties. After all, they have been creating award winning comics together for two decades and ever since they learned to draw.

+++Lucid Dreams Comic-Con Reception, Friday, July 22, 6—10PM+++

“Lucid Dreams” features 32 fine artists from around the world representing a variety of artistic pursuits including: comics, folk, surrealistic and the avante-garde. Artists include Mark and Esther, Marc Bell, Marc Burckhardt, Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, Jonathan Viner, Kevin Paulsen and many more. Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy will play host just minutes from the Convention Hall featuring great eats, drinks and nightlife. Sponsored by KANON organic vodka with guest thirst quencher Jarritos.

+++Comic-Con Exclusives+++

This year was a year for creative tShirt fashion
. Ten years in the making, new tShirts will be offered at Comic-Con created by Mexcican designer Técui, Los Angeles based pervasive artist Gary Baseman and Brooklyn based fine artists Ryan Wallace and Joseph Hart. Screen Machine printed the goods and men’s and women’s sizes are available. Check ’em fast as they are sure to sell out quickly.

+++Framed Art Originals+++

Original art works, framed and prints will be made available in support of my earlier show “Plug Me.” Other-worldly creatures take an introspective look at worldly condition and jockey for survival. Stop by and take a look at over 50 original linoleum block prints, letterpress pieces and woodblock prints.

+++Lucid Dreams Gallery Hours+++
Yes, visual overload will be in full effect. Take a break from the ‘Con, enjoy an Italian soda or capuchino and head over to Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery in Little Italy Wednesday through Sunday 12PM through 6PM each day with a Comic-Con reception on Friday from 6PM—10PM. Inspired work is available for your private art collection featuring 32 fine artists and over 70 original pieces. Florabella inspires with floral beauty, also a community sponsor.

+++O+ Positive Festival founder Kevin Paulsen+++

Saturday, July 23 please stop by Comic-Con Booth 4833 to learn more about the O+ Positive Festival created to assist creatives with healthcare and immediate health needs. Kevin Paulsen, from Kingston, NY has traveled to San Diego to share his vision, invite creatives to participate and join in. You can learn more here too.

+++Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest+++

Yes, there is information for an art contest available at Booth 4833 and it is open to all creatives who are looking for an opportunity to create an eye-catching work of art in any medium to express their flavo’ feelin’ of Jarritos. (You know that bold taste originated from the south of the border—lime, mandarin, mango and more. Check out the info here or stop by Booth 4833 and get the low down.

+++Community Goodness+++
I love Comic-Con and feel the need to represent. More and more folks that I meet from SD have yet to experience Comic-Con. Welcome to San Diego, a sleepy town that is happy to move you to the front of the line. Enjoy the town, enjoy the event and “put it in the bag!—Comic-Con.” “Oh yes! Stop by Booth 4833 and say hello! Mark, Esther, Natasha, Kevin, Jillian, Mark and Tasha want to say hey too. Plus we’ll sign some shizz.”

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