Guru Tattoo Creative Instinct Intro

Pacific Beach is home to Guru Tattoo, one of the best tattoo studios in Southern Cali. Guru Tattoo is the creative vision of founder/owner Aaron Della Vedova who has carefully assembled a true family of artists, highly specialized, and hungry to exercise their talents beyond the tattoo realm. All of the energy, spirit and love of tattooing will be captured in their first book, “Creative Instinct: The art and design of skin by Guru Tattoo.” (Aaron Della Vedova body cast painting detail above).

Aaron and I met some time ago, when I first arrived in San Diego and chatted about a book project 10 years ago. Thankfully we are moving full steam ahead, and I have been puzzle piecing all of the images together for Aaron Della Vedova, Paul Dhuey, Adam Hathorn, Cooper, Nate Banuelos, Rory Keating, Kevin Dickinson, Nick Alvarez, Eno, Kyle Walker, Champion and Peeps. (Paul Dhuey layout example above).

Guru Tatoo’s book will feature hundreds of inspired images including concept sketches, paintings, lettering, personal photography and yes of course full bodied tattoo examples. If I might be so bold for one moment, “I think this book kicks amazing ass.” Why? The stylistic imprint left by each Guru Tattoo Zen Master is fanciful, deep in meaning, flowing and stylized in such a way that once familiar you can pick their work right out of a crowd. (Adam Hathorn layout example above).

Aaron shares, “Over the past 10 years I have had to expand Guru three times into what is today, one of the largest tattoo studios on the west coast housing 11 of the nations top tattoo artists! Guru now is the living reality of a dream I imagined over 18 years ago. A place filled with truly professional, creative artists who are 100% committed to tattooing, art and to "being of service". To be honest, our work at Guru has become more of a spiritual practice than a job at times!” (Aaron Della Vedova layout example above).

Aaaron Della Vedova has done an exceptional job keeping his team focused and charged to collaborate with great people ready to join in the tattoo culture. Save the date for November 18 at the Jett Gallery in the heart of Little Italy, as Aaron and the Guru tattoo tribe launch their book, “Creative Instinct” while celebrating with an original art exhibition and sweet gathering. (Cooper layout example above).

Thank you for the opportunity Guru Tattoo, I can’t wait to introduce another Murphy Design production. More info soon, stay tuned. (Rory Keating layout example featured above).

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