Ray Caesar’s Dangerous Inclination Recap

Corey Helford Gallery opened promptly at 7PM to welcome a steady crowd gathered to share a moment with Toronto based, fine artist, Ray Caesar and his new collection, “A Dangerous Inclination.”

At first glimpse the gallery presented a wide variety of artist proofs, 1/1 editions and new work such as, “La Chasseresse Jaunes (Top), La Chasseresse Rouge(L) and La Chasseresse Bleue (R), (All editions of 1, Ultrachrome in on paper and acrylic, with varnish medium on panel, 2011), studies for La Chasse (edition of 20, 2011).

The new work provided generous space relationships for the central protagonist, allowing needed space to intermingle with its natural surroundings. And as always, a lively color palette, intertwined with subtle, patterns and prints helped establish moods of reflection and introspection for both the central character and viewer.

But wait, “What’s that over there? Is that a ceramic piece created by Ray?’ No, actually standing about 25” tall by 12” around, San Francisco based, Dante Nuno, safely packaged up his confection masterpiece and drove it down to Los Angeles. Dante prepared a sugary sweet statuette of Ray Caesar’s earlier work, “Descent.” I was personally amazed that this creation was actually a cake. Dante worked on his creation for two weeks and arrived with a really impressive testament to his work. And to provide perspective on hours spent, the candelabra took 3 entire days, welding colored sugar with sugar, until the perfect form took shape.

Another nice touch to the evening, came from a four-piece orchestra, that rocked out to famous 70s metal covers with strings. Ray Caesar was smiling ear to ear, as you spun and discovered works throughout the entire gallery.

Another one of one edition, “Little Miss Sardonicus,” was framed in a custom-made felt frame, thus heightening the atrium like effect that Ray often captures with his subjects. The dimensional and organic qualities of the frame seemed to further protect the central subject from unspoken opinions or sarcastic antidotes about her behavior

Overall, “A Dangerous Inclination” was a bold step forward, featuring five 1 of 1 edition pieces (all sold), earlier artist proof editions consisting of only two, and new work that continues the visual dialogue of Ray Caesar’s collection of work paying tribute to the master works of Fraonard and Boucher. A trip to Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City will deliver as the digital medium as a place in the fine art world continues to shine with the great work of Ray Caesar.

Oh yes, and the party was complete with a gentle stabbing of the cake by Ray Caesar and a slice by slice serving to the crowd that had gathered for a taste. I think the senses were stimulated and the best is yet to come.

(A Gentle Kind of Cruelty Interview, GenArt Vanguard Interview, Order Ray Caesar Book Here).

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