Book Packaging for Tim Mantoani

Tim Mantoani’s mammoth book project and photographic archive is about to deliver with three editions—standard, promotional and limited Appropriately titled, “Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends” captures 158 photographers and their most favorite photograph.

Tim’s journey began six years ago and began with the rental of a 20x24 Polaroid camera where he trucked up to San Francisco and captured Michael Zagaris (Joe Montana) and Jim Marshall (Johnny Cash). Inviting one photographer at a time, Tim Mantoani vested himself 110%—purchased his own 20x24 Polaroid camera and set up satellite photography studios in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. Six years later photographic history has been captured through an important archive featuring the memories of each professional photographer inscribed at the bottom of their portrait.

Tim and I began collaborating on the concept of “Behind Photographs” about three years ago. It’s an important project on many levels—historic proportions, archival integrity, understated design to bring out the importance of the project scope, iconic imagery and portrait stature of all of the featured photographers.

“And in the end, a well-packaged book, if you don’t mind me saying so.” Tim Mantoani authored great text, featuring Steve Curry holding one of the most iconic photographs of our time “Afghan Girl,” John Reuter—director of the 20x24 Studio in New York and Tim’s documentation. Hours and hours have been vested into this project and many have contributed—campaign participants on KickStarter, photographic assistants, John Reuter, friends and family. “Behind Photographs” is a cornerstone of archival importance as our society turns to digital media to save the day—never replacing the visceral qualities of a great book, original photography and a mammoth contemporary art collection.

You can order your copy of “Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends” on Tim Mantoani’s website. Signed editions are now available for your collection. Be a part of photographic history and get your copy today. (Additional article — Release — Interview — Overview — additional book design by Mark Murphy/MurphyDesign).

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