Murphy Design Holiday Book Sale

The spirit of holiday “thanks” is in the air and to celebrate a holiday book sale offering Jeff Soto and Ray Caesar limited editions, as well as one great Box-O-Books Package featuring over 125 artists in one great package. All orders will be packaged with extras.

Holiday Box-O-Books Sale
Now through the end of December receive one big box of books featuring Jeff Soto Storm Clouds, No Hope Zine, Martha Rich/Freedom Wigs (featured above), Mark Todd/SuperHero Zine, Tim Mantoani/Ultra Zine, Scribble.08 Fine Art Documentary DVD, Heaven and Hell featuring 58 artists and Dialogue featuring 68 artists bundled into one big box sent fedex ground service including extras. (Choose ordering options at end of post).

Heaven and Hell features 58 artists including the Clayton Brothers, Marc Burckhardt, Gary Taxali, Joe Sorren, Red Nose Studios, and much more. Dialogue features 68 artists including Ryan Wallace (cover), Cathie Bleck, Nathan Ota, Bob Dob, Jeff Soto and more. Both books are richly illustrated, and features thematic text by Anne Telford, Mark Murphy and all of the featured artists. Perfect for the inspired.

Jeff Soto’s “Storm Clouds” captures new painted territory that reveals visual cues—the well being of his family, the fragile condition of politics, the changing forces of nature and moments for personal exploration and experimentation. This hard cover volume features 154 pages, specialty printing techniques and over 264 high-quality, full color images.

Jeff Soto’s “No Hope Zine” is a soft cover mini book produced in full color and artist signed. Limited Edition of 1250, only a few remain.

Scribble.08 DVD Murphy Fine Art Films presents Scribble.08, a documentary film inspired by the art movement of southern California. Directed by author, artist, designer, Mark Murphy and produced by Ten Stories and Ninthlink, this 48-minute film features interviews with 8 significant artists of our time: Rob and Christian Clayton, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Tim Biskup, Camille Rose Garcia and Kevin Christy. The film chronicles the growth of these talented artists and, through candid interviews, relays compelling stories of their obstacles, triumphs and sources of inspiration.

Mark Todd, Mark Murphy, Joel Nakamura and Tim Mantoani deliver three NEW 24 page mini zines that are sure to inspire your inner artist—SuperHero—TaxMe—ULTRA. These handsome volumes are shipped as a complete collector’s set, printed on heavy cover stock, full color printing and measure 4 1/4" x 6."

Order Today!
Order yours Box-O-Books and take advantage of more than $80 in savings. All books, high quality, safely packaged and each order to feature unique extras shipped worldwide. United States Orders please order here. For all international orders, please order here. Looking for Ray Caesar and Jeff Soto limited edition Holiday sale, please click here.

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