Ray Caesar + Jeff Soto Limited and Standard Editions

This year has been full of challenges and unexpected delights. As I wonder, “Where did all of the time go this year?,” it makes me realize how thankful I am to do what I do. For those who know me, I am passionate about all forms of artistic expression, and LOVE the possibilities that living artists expose me to.

I am excited to share Jeff Soto’s and Ray Caesar’s limited edition and standard edition book volumes. (Above, Jeff Soto, Potato Stamp Dreams with one-of-a-kind, embossed box packaging—10 books recently discovered—$125 US customers order here, International customers order here).

This installment is a celebration of the arrival (one more week) of Ray Caesar’s first artistic collection and Jeff Soto’s second installment, “Storm Clouds.” Both artist monographs are tributes to an on going archive of creative pursuit and artistic discovery. Ray and Jeff, although completely different artists, provide the viewer with an evolutionary, yet deeply personal, process of creativity that will continually challenge, evolve and push us through unfamiliar territory.

Jeff Soto’s, second installment, “Storm Clouds,” feature paintings that evolve beyond the robotic characters featured in the sold out, “Potato Stamp Dreams.” “Storm Clouds” captures new painted territory that record Jeff’s concerns for the well being of his family, the fragile condition of politics, the changing forces of nature and moments for personal exploration and experimentation. This hard cover volume features 154 pages, specialty printing techniques and over 264 high-quality, full color images.

Introductory text provided by David Choe (X –rated, that’s how we like it), Peter Frank (Senior Curator of Riverside Art Museum), Jeff Soto and Mark Murphy. Riverside Art Museum and the James Irvine Foundation provided initial support, as they will be featuring Jeff in his first museum show in December. (Above, Jeff Soto, NO Hope Zine and sample spreads). (Signed and numbered limited edition prints and packaging detailed below—150 signed and numbered editions).

Jeff Soto Storm Clouds Limited Edition Package
“Storm Clouds” will also be available in a special collector’s package that features a one-of-a-kind clam shell box with debossing, full color label and a signed and numbered print set of 4 that features a cover sheet and certificate of authenticity, packaged up in a protective envelope. And yes, the book will be signed and numbered to match the fine art edition of the prints, as well.

Jeff Soto Standard Edition
Jeff Soto “Storm Clouds” : 8” x 10” : Portrait Size : Hard Cover : 154 Pages : ISBN 0-9771430-8-2 : $41.00 (Holiday sale price $30, United States Customers order here, International Customers order here).

Jeff Soto “Storm Clouds” Fine Art Edition includes :
+ 1 Clam Shell Box : 11” x 8 ¾” x 1 ½”
+ 1 Signed and Numbered “Storm Clouds,” 4 Archival Lithograph Prints “Water, Air, Fire, Earth,” 7” x 9” printed 5 color + Deboss
+ 1 Collector Card Print Cover Sheet, 7” x 9”
+ 1 Certificate of Authenticity, all measure 7” x 9” and will be packaged in one envelope.
+ This edition is limited to a 150 quantity.
+ Includes Scribble.08 DVD Documentary featuring Jeff Soto interview
+ Features artist signed, NO Hope Zine
+ The entire package will be carefully packed and protected by a custom corrugated box :

Holiday Promotion Sale offers savings of $50. United States customers order here and international customers order here.

Ray Caesar’s book opens to a world that will defy your imagination begging you to explore the rich detail presented on each art page. “On the turn of every page you will experience a world where art captures dreams for those who do not remember how to sleep away life’s untimely circumstances…Ray Caesar is a dream catcher who recreates personal visions of other worldly creatures that visit him in every day life.” Order standard edition with collector cards. (Almost sold out).

Ray’s first assemblage is the result of a considerate collaboration, where design compliments vision, and high-quality craft delivers an extra sensory volume that features sketches, process studies, and over 250 full-color images. This is a premier release and the first collection of Ray’s work.

Ray shares his approach to developing images, his personal story of evolution and has created many new pieces, specifically for the book, recently featured at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NY. Ray’s process is offered in an evolution of images that capture a complete representation of a true master in a medium that has endless potential.

You will be happy to know that this first edition of “Ray Caesar Art Collection” features a 6 collector card set packaged in an envelope and shrink wrapped to the back of the book. The collector card set features digital paintings from the series “Mourning Glory.” This limited edition offering is a way for Ray and I to say “thank you” for the patient understanding that went into the development of this book. Please note this will only be available for the first edition printing.

Ray Caesar Limited Edition book package
For the avid book collector or huge fan of Ray Caesar’s work, the limited edition is a fine art package that delivers high-quality excellence. A black cloth clam shell box that features deboss on front and spine, as well as a 4 color lithograph label will offer a handsome package to the Ray Caesar limited edition book. The limited edition book will feature a black cloth cover that features a deboss design on front cover and spine, as well as a 4 color lithograph label on the front. All books will be signed and numbered in an edition of 500 and will include a certificate of authenticity, and 7 7/8” x 10” print of “Mourning Glory.”

“Mourning Glory” was created specifically for the book and will not be available in a giclee print at future gallery exhibitions. This 7 color print has been printed using the stochastic printing process, where there is no printed dot, there are printed squares that weave the image seamlessly and with no dot quality. This is a high standard printing process that will offer unmatched archival quality, displaying a print that jumps off the paper. “Mourning Glory” also features a deboss design and satin gloss varnish finish and printing.

Ray Caesar Regular Edition
“Ray Caesar Art Collection”: 8 ¼” x 10 ¾” : Portrait Size : Printed Hard Cover : 178 Pages :
First Edition includes 6 Collector Cards : 3 ¼” x 4 ¾” : ISBN 0-978032-X-X : $52.00
Order standard edition with collector cards. (Almost sold out).

Limited Edition : “Ray Caesar Art Collection” Fine Art Edition includes :
+ 1 “Ray Caesar Art Collection” 8 ¼” x 10 ¾” : Portrait Size : Printed Hard Cover : 178 Pages :
+ 1 Black Cloth Clam Shell Box : 11 ¾” x 9 ¼” x 1 7/16”
+ 1 “Mourning Glory” 7 7/8” x 10” stochastic 7 color print and deboss and artist signed/numbered.
+ 1 Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity featuring stochastic 7 color printing packaged in one envelope.
+ 6 “Mourning Glory” Collector Cards : 3 ¼” x 4 ¾” packaged in one envelope
+ This edition is limited to a 500 quantity.
+ The entire package will be carefully packed and protected by a custom corrugated box : All shipments will be priority shipped via FedEx Ground :

Holiday Promotion Sale offers savings of $100. United States customers order here and international customers order here.

Kind thanks to Ray Caesar and Jeff Soto for sharing their artistic vision and offering much needed inspiration.

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