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“It’s the painting of it all that interests me.
Why does an artist make a certain stroke? Just because it seemed like
the right thing to do at the time.”
Clint Eastwood, 2011

Clint Eastwood, Master Filmmaker at Work written by Michael Goldman, creatively managed and packaged by Lisa Fitzpatrick and designed by Mark Murphy. Published by Abrams of New York and slated for release this Fall.

Murphy Design has been working hard, collaborating with Lisa Fitzpatrick and Michael Goldman to deliver a compelling coffee table book that celebrates the history of one of the most iconic film legends in the history of film—Clint Eastwood. This is not your average off-the-shelf documentarian volume light on words and heavy on full paged glossies. Clint Eastwood, Master Filmmaker at Work is an important archive that documents a prolific director/actor/advocate and captures the filmmaking process featuring script evolution, casting, set lighting, special effects and the special men and women who make up “Team Eastwood” over five decades. (above, Sean Penn in Mystic River).

Lisa Fitzpatrick has dedicated herself to this project, Michael Goldman has leveraged his Hollywood prowess as intimate writer and Mark Murphy has crafted a visual script suitable for the consummate collector. The entire team has worked hard to select never-before-seen images, enlightened text featuring forward by Steven Spielberg, Preface by Morgan Freeman and Introduction by Michael Goldman.

Clint Eastwood, Master Filmmaker at Work presents a comprehensive book archive honoring a living legend who actively celebrates the art of storytelling. Stay tuned for the fall release of Clint Eastwood, Master Filmmaker. (above, Space Cowboys, from concept sketches to set). (above, images from the Gauntlet, Invictus).

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