Leap Year Corporate ID Projects

Love the fact that it is a “Leap Year.” Though the Mayan Calendar promises to run out on December 21 later this year, we can certainly use an extra day to make things happen now.

Murphy Design is moving through our twentieth year with big projects—Clint Eastwood (Los Angeles/CA), Cartoon Network (Atlanta/GA), Martin Wittfooth (Brooklyn/NY), 101/exhibit (Miami/FL), Mindy Solomon Gallery (St. Petersburg/FL), Jeppa Joe’s (Milwaukee/WI), yourBuddhi and Blind Tiger Cocktail Co. (San Diego/CA). To keep you up-to-date with what is happening, I thought you might want to see samples of what we’ve been up to. (above, Mindy Solmon Gallery (FL) exhibition logos).

For all of you that know me well, fine art is my life. Design is an integral component, and wonderful solution that effectively unites unique project challenges with innovative visual solutions. (above, corporate identity for Blind Tiger Cocktail Co. and Jeppa Joes).

I began learning about design as a young boy, insisting on a page-by-page read of “Loopy,” my favorite story featuring an amazing bi-plane written and illustrated by Hardie Gramatky. Sounds funny right? Well, the book was artist written and designed in 1941 and the look and feel is still fresh today. (above, sentimental childhood friend Loopy).

Hundreds of hours are vested into every project to exceed client expectations and deliver a solution with lasting potency. You know?, A design solution that will stand the test of time, entertain and magnetically attract a growing audience to every project. (above, yourBuddhi corporate identity and animation sequence—perfect for entitled people who do not pay).
Enjoy your “bonus day” and make something creative happen. More soon and thank you for taking a close look. Feel free to contact me for additional information or the opportunity to collaborate together. (above, 101/exhibit magazine advertising).

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