Ana Bagayan vs. Power Puff Girls

Armenian born fine artist, Ana Bagayan paints her dreamlike figures with loving character traits that might be compared to the artist herself. Ana’s impish characters look upon you with gazing eyes and the innocence of youth. Ana’s paintings invite considerate introspection as her surrealistic compositions beckon comparison to Margaret Keane—an artist who draws inspiration from her childhood relationship with her Grandmother (paintings featured above).

A great comparison, that has worked its way full circle recently. Ana Bagayan has participated in many Murphy Design exhibitions and including this year’s exhibition for the 20th Anniversary celebration for Cartoon Network premiering July 12—15 during Comic-Con San Diego. And how does Margaret Keane come into play? (Above, Ana Bagayan’s sketch Floraxians).

Animator, Craig McCracken’s characters, “the Whoopass Girls,” which gained the attention of Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation in 1994. “Whoopass Girls” was later picked up by Hanna-Barbera and soon became the Power Puff Girls. The Power Puff Girls were inspired by Margaret Keane, as noted by Craig McCracken. Hanna-Barbera was later acquired by Turner Broadcasting and soon became one of the major animation networks as Cartoon Network. (More Cartoon Network history here).

Ana Bagayan is one of the artists chosen for the Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition. Ana’s painting will celebrate her interpretation of the Power Puff Girls. You can see her initial character evolution and concept development. (Above, Ana Bagayan, Telepathy).

And besides, Cartoon Network has created a creative platform for talented artists to come together and celebrate an important archive. More soon and looking forward to the fantastic vision of Ana Bagayan and all 75 featured artists. (Above, Tree Spirit sketch by Ana Bagayan).

Drum roll, and Ana Bagayan’s final piece for the Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary exhibition—Planet of the Floraxians, 16x20," Oil on Panel. Amazing and inspired! Thanks to all of the artists for sharing their unique vision. More soon.

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