Cartoon Network Exhibition PICS

Comic-Con San Diego is always a hectic program for booth 4833 featuring yours truly. This year featured the introduction of over 75 artists gathered from around the world to celebrate Cartoon Network’s 20th Birthday exhibit July 11—14.

The Cartoon Network exhibition was enjoyed by over 1000 fans of classic cartoons including: Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and of course, the hot, soon to be classic, Adventure Time. 4,000 Limited edition booklets were given out at the Cartoon Network Comic-Con booth and the birthday exhibition. Pretty rocking deal and they are gone, gone!

More highlights shared soon and more press available here. Thank you for making Cartoon Network’s exhibition a fantastic success. Kind thanks to Cartoon Network (design team, artists, talent and execs), Dos Equis (wet thy whistle while staying interesting), Shae Stromme (serving up the goodness all night long, and for never missing these openings, you are the best), El Zarape (a neighborhood taco shop that goes beyond goodness every time), Florabella (sweet smelling flower arrangements).

Ninthlink (marketing pioneers who understand PR syndication and Jeromy Stallings who is clutch in every way, Paige, Tyler, Kelsey too!), Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson (No 4833 Comic-Con partners who elevated the arts each day), Tim Mantoani (professional photographer who has yet to miss a shot), Jett Gallery (Joey and tribe for making the night perfect and a little hot in the shorts), Jillian and Madison (Murphy Design squirrels who rose to the occasion and leveraged their relationships in real time).

All of the TRAVELING ARTISTS (Nacho Chincoya, Mark Todd, Chris Mostyn, Dienzo, Becky/Frank and the Tiny Kitten Teeth, Jolby, Dan Thompson, Bwana Spoons, Jason Wright, Joanna Fogt Sohn, Neko and kind contributors). Special thanks to Susan Myrland for her coverage of Cartoon Network’s exhibition in Night and Day, Sunday’s feature, July 15 edition, and Marti E Kranzberg for tirelessly dedicating herself to ALL things creative, (Marti is a great voice talent too).

Kind thanks to lovers of art and culture in San Diego for all of your support and the art exhibitions held over the past 12 years, (Heaven and Hell, Dialogue, Western SuperHero, SuperHero 1/2/3, Scribble.08, SurveySelect, Lucid Dreams and Cartoon Network’s 20th Birthday Exhibition. Sadly, this was the last exhibition as promoter and ambassador of the arts in San Diego.

Good times ahead and more announcements soon! Interested in obtaining original artwork? Give me a shout.

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