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Robert Williams + Laurie Hogin + Exhibit Logo by Murphy

“In the Land of Retinal Delights—the Juxtapoz Factor” hosted by the Laguna Art Museum was a great assembly of more than 145 inspired artists that have filled the pages of “Juxtapoz” magazine since 1989 and inspired by Robert Williams’ “Rubberneck Manifesto.” The original exhibition was held June through October of 2008, and thankfully has been archived in an exhibition catalogue published Laguna Art Museum in association with Gingko Press.

Sas Christian (BC) + Robert Williams (FC) : Cover Layout

The book was designed and produced by yours truly and features 144 of the 145 original art pieces featured in the gallery (Todd Schorr withheld his Mark Parker commission and ode to the history of King Kong). Bolton Colburn, the Laguna Art Museum Director contributed multiple articles, Robert Williams contributed 2 entries and guest curator, Meg Linton delivered a multi-page essay about the exhibition.

Margaret Keane + Stanley Mouse (details)

The result is a really great assemblage of amazing artists including: Mark Ryden, the Clayton Brothers, Alex Grey, Gary Panter, Ed Roth, Kenny Howard, Margaret Kilgallen, Miriam Wosk and many others who established the backbone of images featured in “Juxtapoz.”

R. Crumb

Joel Peter Witkin + Mark Ryden

The book was another labor of love, 2008 featured 5 of these projects, where Christina M. Limpson and I worked hard to coordinate a high-quality representation of the exhibition. No small task, as all of the images were individually worked on, color adjusted, captured and accurately documented in the book. With that in mind, Sas Christian is represented on the inside back cover and back cover (name was omitted in the production), and apologies to Scott Musgrove for the incorrect image being printed. (Both offenses will be amended on the next printing).

The book is solid and offers a glimpse into the growing history of the pop-surrealistic art movement that continues to elude correct description. Props to Laguna Art Museum, as they partnered with great sponsors: Hurley, Billy Shire Fine Arts, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Symbolic Gallery Collection, Mark Parker, 78 personal lenders and four museum institutions. If you are interested in acquiring this book, just email me at or visit The book is now shipping and is a great symbol of your support for the pervasive arts.

Alex Grey

Stanley Mourse’s images were artistic motivators during childhood, he delivered many skeleton images for the Grateful Dead, Muscle Car Monsters, and a huge collection of rock themed posters.

Another huge inspiration growing up was Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, a tireless author in the “Kustom Kulture” arena where a famed “Rat Fink” was beloved by custom car lovers coast to coast. Ed Roth inspired me as a true American “original” who took on the monumental task of creating one-of-a-kind automotive art pieces, supporting a new generation of artists, Robert Williams, and staying true to a cantankerous pal, Kenny Howard, aka Von Dutch.

Gary Panter

Many of the artists featured in “In the Land of Retinal Delights—the Juxtapoz Factor” mean the world to me. Friends who participate in a growing art movement that continually expand the medium for expression one great work at a time. There were many inspired artists omitted from this exhibition and many historic stories untold. In positive conclusion to this entry, a huge invitation to initiate another great exhibition of this caliber soon.

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