Renewal for 2009

Happy 2009, admittedly a bit late, but after an action packed ’08 and a “hope-filled ‘09” this kid took some time off before jumping back into the blog scene.

The first entry, “Renewal,” is a scribble-based painting comprised of Japanese inks, watercolors and metallics. The painting was inspired by the thought of replacing worn out notions with more progressive concepts for “change.” And yes, this may seem like an Obama Presidential speech, however I am looking for an even more progressive concept – “originality.”

Originality is risky and exposes those willing to put it on the line to be openly judged and deemed by the masses as unusual. Hmmm, just ask Joaquin Phoenix after his late night performance (or lack there of) on Late Night with David Letterman on 2/11/09. Then again, it seems that Joaquin’s dark glasses, beard and hip hop-Oscar-award-routine may have delivered the most “original” performance of his career. Check it out here on YouTube

(He deserves major props, as he put it all on the line during his live hip hop performance in Las Vegas at the Lavo Nightclub, where Joaquin’s acting career ended and his homage to ’87-’93 hip hop began).

“Renewal” is a time for personal introspection and an invitation to work hard toward original invention. It is up to all of us to unify through inspiration, and get everyone exchanging dialogue.

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