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Bananas Song

Brandi Milne is an artist originally from Orange County, California—and yes for all of you wondering if the “OC” has an art’s community, they most certainly do. Brandi is actively supported by the kind folks at Hurley (great art supporters), Baby Tattoo Books and featured in Miami’s Art Basel by yours truly.

In preparation for Brandi’s upcoming Thinkspace Gallery solo exhibition, “Run Rabbit, Run,” I thought it might be appropriate to celebrate her recent explosion of products, graphically inspired works and fine painting skills.

Nice Face

mm : Brandi, it seems that you have a love for sugary sweet things in your work : how would you describe your art work in relationship to your subject matter : ? :

BM : Yes, I do love me some sweets. I would say that my work is nostalgic. I use a lot of sweet imagery for that reason - to try to relate to viewers in a non-offensive soft approach. Try to make them feel at home, peaceful and sometimes happy--sometimes sad.

Darkness Keeps a Steady Hold

mm : Do you have a general theme in mind when you approach a painting : ? : Can you describe your process a bit : ? :

BM : Yeah, I have themes in mind according to the amount of works I'm going to be producing. Say, if I have a solo show (around 25 pieces), I work on a story/feeling for the overall show in my mind, make notes in my sketchbook, and just think about what images could help me illustrate that idea or story. If I'm involved in a group show, and only need about 2 pieces, again, I come up with a story that's fitting for the two of “em.” Colors come next for me, it helps keep things organized in my head. And then I start on the actual sketch in my sketchbook for composition of the piece I'm about to start work on. And so goes the process until I'm finís!

I Cant See You

mm : What is the title of your latest exhibition and some of the themes or subjects that you focused on : ? :

BM : My latest exhibition is titled "Run Rabbit, Run." It's a lyric from a Pink Floyd song called “Breathe” featured on the “Dark Side of the Moon.” In this body of work, I focused on the emotional horrors of losing someone you love, and life continuing on around you. How you can be in so much pain and suffering of a broken heart, and life keeps going as if nothing happened. It makes you feel alone and terrified—to the point where you just want to run from it all.

Crack A Smile

mm : When you are working in the studio, how do you take breaks to find inspiration : ? :

BM : When I work on a large number of pieces for a show, sometimes it's difficult to find refreshing inspiration for the entirety of the works. If I'm not inspired, I literally cannot work so I try not to burn out on sketching every little detail of a piece, try to keep the painting loose and fun for me. I look at a lot of children's books, home decorating & fashion magazines, listen to music and get away from my desk (which I don't do enuff). It can get pretty rough, right? It's a slippery slope.

Carousel Flight; Lamb Face

mm : What has been a favorite painting or image of yours over the past year : ? :

BM : Yikes, uuhhh....I keep going back to a painting I did for a group show in '08 for Gallery 1988 SF called Carousel Flight; Lamb Face. I have it at home with me, and I still get inspired by the colors & the candied theme. The whole series was super fun and since there were only 11 pieces, it was an odd little group of paintings that I think busted out pretty nicely.

Cherry Cowboys

mm : What is next for Brandi and where can people learn more about your work : ? :

BM : After this show, I'll take a little time away from my desk to breathe. Not too much tho, I have a number of things coming up and will need to get started on 'em toot sweet! I'm going to be working on a special project with an unbelievable rock-star couple, gonna be working on my second book and then I'll be having a solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery early '10! One can learn more about my work and upcoming events at!

Real Boy

Super thanks to Brandi for taking time out, and we wish you great success at the exhibition and if you roll on over for the opening, at Thinkspace Gallery, you can enter to win original sketches, a framed drawing, Gelaskins and see why Brandi’s work is growing and subject matter expanding. Check out Brandi in between the pages of Hi-Fructose April 2009 Issue and earn the right to win an original tucked within the mag. Brandi is featured in this month’s Hi Fructose exhibition, “Overdose,”at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica. Sweet.

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