Planet Illogica Launch and Introduction

Mark Murphy is no longer a member or associated with as of 8_1_09 : Mark is furthering his pursuits of art, film and design and continues to offer lovers of art and culture innovative concepts :

Back in September of 2008, I was invited by the American Film Institute to conjure up a new social community website that could be utilized by actors and film making professionals. A daunting task, as there was 2 weeks to figure this out.

Postcards featuring the artwork of Joel Nakamura and Erik Sandberg

At the time, it was communicated, “…just create a couple of nice screens…celebrate that design style you do…” One tall order, I thought to myself, as many caring Hollywood types would be on hand to witness the presentation. Needless to say, I could not do it on my own and invited Ninthlink into the circle of insanity with less than 10 days to go to help me on the web conceptualization.

Two sided business cards featuring artwork and photos of Pi Artists in Residence. The design concept was to provide each member of the Pi team a card that matched their persona and Pi philosophy.

3 Days passed, and then 2 more, one more. 4 More days until the big presentation. The pressure mounted, and the fingers hit the keys to strategize. All day; all night for the next 4 days until the presentation.

One of the original boards designed for the AFI Digi Conference. 1 of 22 Images created to define the overall concept.

Needless to say 10 days, a few hundred hours and a 24 slide PowerPoint was presented in less than 10 minutes on a stage in a packed theatre. The result, Planet Illogica, an ambitious online creative community made up of artistic minds and Alliance Partners.

NFFTY Festival CD design featuring Jason LĂ­mon.

I thought this entry could inspire all of you to set up an email and password at and browse the many features of the Illogical Planet that is unfolding by the day. Keep in mind this is only in it’s beta site, and all of the profiling/membership tools will be available in full, July 15, 2009. You can be the first or wait for all of the hype to hit the streets during Comic-Con in San Diego, Friday, July 24th, as Pi will be throwing the party event of the year.
Planet Illogica was a great logo project, and the above represents some of the development over the course of 8 days. Thank you to Matt who helped on the dimensionalization.

A new logo was designed for the Tonny Sorensen Foundation.

Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy is an avid promoter of the arts and has been an active patron to over 700 artists since 1991. Mark’s enthusiasm for “the creative” is infectious and inspirational, whether designing the next Murphy Design Art Book, speaking before an energetic audience or penciling otherworldly creatures into a readied sketchpad.

NFFTY Film Festival Promotional Ad design.

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