Tax Me Zine at Comic Con booth 4833

Comic-Con in San Diego is fast approaching and this year should be plenty of fun. Jeff Soto and I will be at booth 4833 listed under Murphy Art Books. I will be featuring 40 original art pieces and a new zine entitled, “Tax Me.”

“Tax Me” is a collection of pen and ink drawings that foreshadow our near feature fate for an increase in tax. Believe me, I am not a fan of these state and federal government measures and have chosen to exercise my opinion through visual storytelling and a large body of work.

“Tax Me” looks to question the Obama administrations depiction of the United States economy with terms like: toxic assets, tax Czar (Kenneth Feinberg), government oversight including: reform, streamlining, regulations and extend a helping hand…no more corporate jets, monitoring bonuses, monitoring executive pay while taking over GM. Interesting series of events with more to come.

Stop by booth 4833 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and say hello to Jeff Soto and I. Check out the “Tax Me” art collection and feel free to pick up a piece for your tax free collection.

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