Scribble.08 and SuperHero Art Exhibitions

words by Jamaica Winship : photos by Tim Mantoani

Art aficionados were treated to a monumental cultural event in San Diego during the month of July : two back-to-back fine art exhibitions in one location. Curated by Pi Founder, Mark Murphy, the exhibitions featured both museum-caliber artists and cutting edge talent. More than 40 artists were represented from all over the world, and the exhibitions served as a vital opportunity for the community to learn about and acquire fine art in a culturally-inspired environment.

Marilyn Bleck : Cathie Bleck : Kevin Christy

Since 1992, Mark Murphy has collaborated with more than 700 artists on book projects, installations, gallery exhibitions and cultural experiences. Celebrating more than 25 years a culture builder in the community, Murphy's Scribble.08 and Superhero exhibitions occurred in conjunction with this year's Comic-Con and the worldwide launch of Planet Illogica.

Klim of Bigshot Toyworks presents a new sculpt for Jeff Soto : P-Jay Fidler featured right

Both exhibitions were combined with parties and crossover events featuring music, film, performance art and community participation. Everyone was invited to attend the exhibitions at Wonderhaus, an Andy Warhol style building two shuttle stops away from the Comic-Con convention. The structure of the space invited exploration and discovery; attendees could go from room to room sampling appetizers, tasting specialty drinks and checking out multiple stages with bands, dance performances and body painting. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings and iron detailing contributed to the artistic ambiance.

The first exhibition was on July 23rd, and it marked the premiere of Murphy's art film documentary, "Scribble.08." To celebrate collaborations with the artists portrayed in the film as well as others he's worked with over the years, Murphy curated a "Scribble.08" art exhibition. The exhibition featured 25 pieces from museum-quality artists such as Colin Christian, Sas Christian, James Jean, Cathie Bleck, Tony Fitzpatrick, Kent Williams and Martin Wittfooth. The pieces hung along a 65 foot length of wall and attendees could view and discuss all of the pieces during the course of the evening.

MANUOK rocked out to close out the night's festivities : Scott Mercado sports the trucker cap :

After the film screening, attendees were able to meet and socialize with four of the artists who appeared in the movie: Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup and Kevin Christy. All of these artists also had pieces represented in the exhibition.

Sas Christian : Chris Mars

On an adjoining wall, Murphy's Superhero exhibition was on display. Guests were able to preview these pieces on Thursday, but the official Superhero exhibition was on Friday, July 24th. It was planned in conjunction with the Planet Illogica launch party and an encore "Scribble.08" film presentation.

Erik Mark Sandberg : Femke Hiemstra

The Superhero exhibition was designed to publicize Planet Illogica's current and potential AIR Artists. Some of the artists featured were: Steven Daily, Bob Dob, Travis Louie, Joel Nakamura, Joe Vaux and Molly Crabapple. Many of the exhibiting artists were in attendance, and it was a valuable opportunity for collectors and fans to mingle with such a diverse group of talent.

Hiro Kurata : Jeff Soto

These exhibitions were a cultural and social highlight for the San Diego art community. Murphy worked tirelessly for several weeks on the logistics of making both exhibitions a success. He expressed, “It was an honor to create a museum quality exhibition with so many friends and inspired artists. The talent of the work in these two shows is exceptional.”
Select pieces from both exhibitions are still available. Please contact Mark at murphy at for more information. Pieces from the show can be seen here :

Kind thanks to Planet Illogica for sponsoring the event, along with Yves Laroche, Chad Dannecker, Ten Stories, Ninthlink, 424 Media, Svedka, and everyone who said hey :

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