Scribble.08 Trailer and Thank You

Scribble Kids : Tim Biskup, Martha Rich, Kevin Christy, Jeff Soto, Mark Murphy

Gallery Space at an old Wonderbread Factory in San Diego

The Scribble.08 premiere was amazing in kind thanks to all of you : We were at capacity to show the film and the exhibition was museum quality and exceptional :

Scribble.08 Trailer by Ten Stories

Kind thanks to Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Kevin Christy and Tim Biskup for being on hand : It was a night to remember and super special as there was so much support from the art community including: Yves Laroche, Tara McPherson, Cathie Bleck, James Jean, Klim from Bigshot Toyworks, Nathan Ota, Bob Dob, Chris Ryniak, Travis Louie, Molly Crabapple, P-Jay Fidler, Stephen Daily, Ron English, Lola, Nathan Spoor, MC Grimes, Destroy and Rebuild, Chino from G-Unit, Zack Snyder (director of Watchmen), Cast of True Blood and Sarah Silverman Program.

Marilyn and Cathie Bleck with Kevin Christy

Ron English, Destroy and Rebuild, Mike Maxwell

P-Jay Fidler, Tara McPherson, Ron English, Jamaica Winship, Yves Laroche

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