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What is the “big deal” in collecting signatures or inviting a great artist to pen a precious moment into a blank sketch page? For some, a special favor to make something meaningful and more credible. And for others, proof that hours standing in line, was well spent, as they now possess the captured markings of a famous artist or gifted soul.

Dave Cooper

For me, the only way to collect thoughts and unexpected opportunities is to travel with my sketchbook. Often, I look for the chance to hang with artist friends who enjoy drawing and exchanging in great conversation. Of course, I am a true nerd when it comes to this exercise, but it is vitally important that I capture and collect these moments in volumes that can be archived for future generations. Especially, for those who may not get the opportunity to meet all of these artists, (I promise to leave these sketchbooks to a museum someday).

Daniel Peacock

Brandt Peters : Kathie Olivas

Every year, there are chances for fans to collect these "sketch" moments, and Comic-Con is one of the best. Of course, some fans arrive armed with blank canvas boards, vinyl figures and pages filled with inspired artists from years past. True art patrons, in my opinion, are interested in the personal exchange with an artist, conversing while the artist is busy drawing on their page.

Over the past few years, Jeff Soto and I have shared a booth at Comic-Con. I love witnessing Jeff work on many sketches for his art pals and fans of his work. For me, this is a great education, watching black line move across the page, take form and turn into something great. Often, this is a discovery that ends up in a future Soto painting.

Matt Furie

Brandi Milne : Paul Hornschemeier

This year, I have had the great privilege to meet Matt Furie and a new artist, Paul Hornschemeier at the Buenaventura Press and Fantagraphics booths. Alvin of Buenaventura Press kicks out some of the best-designed books in the graphic/comic space and his new “Kramer’s Ergot” rocks. Thankfully, Matt Furrie and Matt Groening signed this oversized coffee table book. Rockin.

Thomas Han : Gary Baseman

This entry represents sketches I have archived over the past couple of years. Kind thanks to all of the talented artists who have shared their creative moments with me, as I continue to learn, explore and experience a creative community I feel so fortunate to be a part of. More will be shared soon, but for now you all are invited to make collecting art a “big deal” in your life.

James Jean

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