Scribble.08 Screenings in Atlanta

“It all starts by pushing line round and round on a page : DVD available here :”

Scribble.08 Art Documentary makes its debut in Atlanta at the Young Blood Gallery and during Dragon*Con on Friday, September 4, 2009 :

Rob and Christian Clayton

Young Blood Gallery & Boutique will be premiering Scribble.08, kind thanks to Calvin Florian, who invites all of you to make a reservation here : The event kicks off at 7 PM and I will make sure the talk is enlightened and that there are free prizes for all of you who come out : Young Blood Gallery is located at 636 N. Highland Avenue and they can be reached at 404/254-4127 or by visiting their website :

Martha Rich

Dragon*Con is quickly becoming the Comic-Con of the South, promoting more than Sci-Fi and comic action heroes : Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas introduced me to Thom Trainor who is working hard on the Alternative Arts sequence of events :

+++Friday : September 4 : 10 PM+++
Dragon*Con features Scribble.08 at the "Comics and Pop Art Reception" on Friday at 10:00 PM : The event will be held in Regency V in the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta :

+++Saturday : September 5 : 4 PM to 6:00 PM+++
Mark Murphy (me) will be sitting on a Pop Art panel held Saturday, entitled “LOWBROW LOWDOWN” featuring Alex Pardee, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Travis Louie, Chris Ryniak, Warner, HC and Baby Tattooville/Bob Self with special guest moderator Mark Murphy (that's me) : The event will be held at Hanover F at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta :

Camille Rose Garcia

Essentially, this panel has been constructed to chat about the concept of Lowbrow, and discuss their individual works. I am sure there will be some chatter about products and fine art; galleries and prints; and a touch of where the industry is headed : Scribble.08 will be introduced and shown too : All of the Comics and Pop Art Programming take place at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta :

Until then, here is a segment of an interview put together with my good pal Jeromy Stallings : It has nothing to do with Scribble.08, but thought I would mix it up a bit : See you soon :

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