Dan May at Aqua Wynwood

Dan May : Whisper : 10” x 10” : 17” x 17” Framed : Acrylic Wood on Panel
Available for Aqua Wynwood

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Dan May paints dreamlike environments that transcend space and time. Dan’s paintings are inhabited by anamorphic creatures who appear to have all of the features of your typical monster. However, upon further inspection Dan’s beasts exhibit a certain human element that draws us deeper into their worlds. These delightful, yet haunting images, are often based on Dan’s personal experiences. He takes careful note of human interaction with each other, as well as the ongoing intermingling with nature.

Persuasion of Penelope

Dan is a tireless worker who enjoys the painting process, “I would have to say that the current piece that I'm working on at any given moment is usually the piece the I enjoy the most. I feel as though with each new piece I’m continually striving to evolve and become a better painter.”

The Gift

2009 Gallery Shows
The Multiplane Show - Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Don’t Wake Daddy IV - Feinkunst-Krueger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
A Murder of Crows, Gallery Meltdown - Los Angles, CA
Superhero/Scribble.08, Comic Con, San Diego, CA
Crazy 4 Cult 3D, Gallery 1988 - Los Angles, CA
The Monster Show, Copro Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Big Tuna: David Lynch Tribute, Alcove Gallery - Atlanta, GA
Overdose: Hi-Fructose Exhibit, Copro Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Say When, Bold Hype Gallery - Orlando, FL
Superschool, Copro Gallery - Santa Monica, CA

A Solomn Retreat
2010 Gallery Shows
Feb. w/Travis Lampe, Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, IL
June Solo Show, Gallery 1988, Los Angles, CA

The Weeping Tree

2010 Museum Exhibition
SUGGESTIVISM : September 4 - October 17, 2010
Grand Central Art Center : Los Angles, CA
You can see more of Dan May's great work by visiting:

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