Mark Todd at Aqua Wynwood

Mark Todd : X-Men. and Amok! : 8" x 10" : Cel Vinyl on Panel

Southern California based artist, Mark Todd took his first creative cues from his personal collection of comic books and Star Wars memorabilia. Mark credits the inventive fantasy that entered his mind at an early age, as a result.


Mark’s latest work involves intense scrutiny and alteration of classic comic covers from “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men,” “Iron Man,” “Spiderman” and the inspired work of legendary illustrator Jack Kirby. Mark reflects, “I love the type, the heavy shadows, the colors and the way they seemed to use very inch of the page.”

Man Thing

Mark’s pays homage to his inspired past and lends his own post-modern sensibility to his work, featuring a limited palette, repetition, distortion and a mix of media and materials. Mark often employs a variety of mediums including: spray paint, cel-vinyl, glossy varnishes and dusty stains and then finishes his pieces with rounded corners—appearing as prized objects—tablets encoded with civilization’s most iconic collective wisdom.

Collective Wisdom : mixed media on panel
“Collective Wisdom,” is a recent painting that Mark Todd has completed. He describes, “I struggled with this piece a lot. Some works seem to just flow and transfer themselves onto the painting surface. Others seem to resist and come in and out of focus. This was one of those pieces. I worked off and on with this piece for weeks. Often times I obliterated the piece and began over again. But in the end, the final finish came to a quick resolve. Sometimes, when I struggle a bit and sit with it for a while, something fresh and unexpected reveals itself.”


Gallery Exhibitions
Exhibition: January 9, 2010 - February 6, 2010

Billy Shire Fine Arts, Mark Todd and Owen Smith 

Magic Pony, Toronto, CANADA

Curated Show at Giant Robot LA, December 2009
DOMY, Houston, TX,
Webb Gallery, Waxahatchie, TX, 2009
La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA
January 2009

Museum Exhibitions
2009 Strips, Scripts and Scapes: Contemporary Comix in Southern CA
Riverside Art Museum, CA

You can see more of Mark’s Todds artistry by visiting or FunChicken.

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