Esther Pearl Watson at Aqua

Esther Pearl Watson : Fire Ants : Acrylic and Glitter on Wood Panel : 12" x 12"
Available at Aqua Wynwood

Esther Pearl Watson grew up in Texas where life’s lessons were experienced while her Father exercised his passion of building huge flying saucers in the front yard. Needless to say, Esther’s family moved often, as her Father’s hobby did not sit well with the neighbors.

Esther is a talented visionary who describes, “My subjects are often of outsiders--a fifteen year old girl who doesn't fit into her high school; my father who built flying saucers; also outsider art not seen as art.”

“My work is about the human attachment to narrative. I also like the duel space between humor and awkwardness discussed through tropes and vernacular of outsider art. The discussion of outsider art as art is a common theme in my work.”

Out to the Field
: Mixed media on panel
: 24"X36"

Esther recently painted a series of paintings in a nursing home. “This one particular piece, I painted and entered into a small town art contest and won honorable mention. Later, the piece was exhibited at Webb Gallery and sold with the honorable mention ribbon.”

In the Future People Will Use Flying Saucers for Transportation
Acrylic and glitter on panel
: 15"X20"

Museum Exhibition
Oakland Museum of Art, October 2008

Gallery Shows
Curated Show at Giant Robot LA, December 2009
Lecture at Virginia Museum of Art, December 2009
Sandra Lee Gallery, June 2010
La Luz de Jesus, July 2010

Comanche, Tx. (in the future)
: Acrylic and glitter on panel
: 8"x8"

You can see more of Esther’s imaginative works at and

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