Leslie Ditto at Aqua

Leslie Ditto : Tea Party : Oil on Panel : 24" x 30" : Available for Aqua Wynwood

Leslie Ditto is a self-taught oil painter who paints provocative female portraits enshrined in political and religious symbols. Leslie’s narrative style is a direct reflection of how she views the world and the social dynamics that influence her personal beliefs and emotions.

Hummingbird : Oil on Canvas : 15" x 15" : Available for Aqua Wynwood

Leslie describes her work, “Through the story captured in my paintings I hope to convey feminine perspectives on issues created by the dysfunction of our culture.”

Curiosities of Old

Leslie’s work is deep in meaning, In “Curiosities of the Old” she tapped into society’s obsession with being young. Leslie describes, “The large female figure symbolizes an older woman who is fascinated with her youth. In the glass enclosure on her head is a computer chip that symbolizes a mind that processes information logically without emotion. She studies the child intensely trying to figure out her secrets, while hoping to recapture what she has lost. Her large size in the small room represents the obsession of being young and its destructive properties, just try to move around and see what happens. Also, the corrosion of the room symbolizes the inevitable loss of innocence and this youthful enlightenment.”

2009 Gallery Shows
Feb. Alcove Gallery, Femme Fatal—3 person show
July, Alcove Gallery, Atlanta," Big Tuna" Group Show
June, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, "Midsummer's night madness"
Sept. Distinction Gallery, San Diego, Chasing Fantasies 3 person show
Sept. Lowe Mills and Flying Monkey, Huntsville,"The Collection" solo
Oct., Place Gallery, Las Vegas, group show
Dec. Copro Gallery, L.A., "Saturnalia" group show
Dec. Alcove Gallery, Atlanta, Holiday group show

2010 Gallery Shows
Jan. Gallery 1988, L.A. group show;
Jan. Last Rites Gallery,NY, Dark Pop II

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