Mia featured at Aqua Art Fair

Persephone : 18" x 18" : Acrylic on Wood : Framed : Available at Aqua Art Fair

Mia is a Los Angeles based artist who captures fanciful characters from imaginative stories. She believes each magical story presents a world that captures our essence, influences our moods, hopes, dreams and desires while taking us deeper within the written text. Mia draws her inspiration from these classic tales, the performance, the culture and the lives of the characters captured within.

Persephone : 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" : Graphite on Paper : Available at Aqua Art Fair

Mia further explains, “I am interested in the complexity of life and the world we live in. There are endless facets to who we are, the situations we deal with every day, and the layers and meanings in the stories we read. Because of that, I like to paint more than just a solitary main character. I want to hint at the character’s story, her thoughts, and the things around her. My interest in all this complexity stems from my wish to see every person discover his or her own inner complexity when they contemplate the complex nature of the painted characters.

Gloomy Sunday : 7" x 7" : Acrylic on Wood

“My interest in all this complexity stems from my wish to see every person discover his or her own inner complexity when they contemplate the complexity of my characters as seen in “The Four Seasons.”

The Four Seasons : 48" x 36" : Acrylic on Wood

“’The Four Seasons,’ is inspired by art nouveau imagery and named after the Vivaldi concertos, this painting personifies the seasons with female figures. Here, Summer reclines, a funeral procession taking place in her hair, as Fall hovers over her. Summer is covered by galaxies and a sea of sleepers, and guarded by a hellhound on the left and gargoyles on the right. Winter holds death in her hands as Spring looks on, spinning the golden thread of life. Fall, Winter and Spring act as the Three Fates of Greek mythology, but as each season passes their roles are distributed. This is the first time I have painted a multi-figure narrative piece, as most of my recent work focuses on portraits of individuals. It is also my largest and most complex work to date, and it was a lot of fun creating a lush ‘stage’ for the seasons to act out this scene.”

Across the Nile : 16" x 20" : Acrylic on Wood

2010 Museum Exhibition:
SUGGESTIVISM : Curated by Greg Escalante
September 4 - October 17, 2010
Grand Central Art Center : Santa Ana, CA

2010 Gallery Exhibitions:
2010 CoproGallerySanta Monica
September 2010, Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA

Spirit Gatherer : 7" x 7" : Acrylic on Wood

Mia is an inspired artist who deserves a very close look. You can find more of her work at:


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