Meggs at Aqua Art Fair

Out of Sight out of Mind : Out of mind, Out of rights : Any means necessary :
All : Mixed media on ply : 36x36” + available for Aqua Art Fair

Meggs is a talented, highly productive, Australian graffiti, stencil and fine art painter. Meggs’ is inspired by the nostalgia of his childhood past. His work explores the ‘duality’ of good and evil and the on-going question of morals, rights and higher authority. Reflecting on personal experience Meggs produces energetic depictions of heroes, villains, and subverted collages of pop culture symbols.

Spreading his street work as far as Paris, London and Tokyo, Meggs has also contributed to numerous group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His work has more notably been sold through ‘Artcurial Auctioneers’ (Paris) and is included in the ‘National Gallery of Australia’s’ (Canberra) permanent ‘works on paper’ collection. Continually evolving his painting style with a continued passion for graffiti and character painting, pop-art and abstract expressionism Meggs is recognized as one of Australia’s pioneering street and gallery artists.

Red, White & Blue : Aerosol & acrylic on canvas : 1800x1000mm

Exhibitions and Gallery Installations
‘Crime & Charity’, Cerasoli Gallery, Culver City, CA (USA)

‘Own Worst Enemy’, Dont Come Gallery, Melbourne CBD (VIC)

‘Alter Egotism’, Utopian Slumps Gallery, Collingwood (VIC)

Meggs has a great blog that is updated often and features great photos of his work, along with video pieces and bits. Check him out at:

Dont Know, Dont Care : Mixed media on board : 900 x 900mm : 2008

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