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Available for Aqua Wynwood

Robert Steven Connett is a Los Angeles based artist who celebrates dream sequences, as he describes, “I often think that dreams may be the gateway to another world. Perhaps a parallel world just as important as the waking world we call ‘reality?’ ” Robert is an introspective artist who offers a sincere look into life’s circumstance while creating an equidistant world made up of micro organisms, fear and beauty.

Robert Steven Connett : Micronaut
18” x 24” : Acrylic on Panel : Available for Aqua Wynwood

Robert is a tireless painter who offers, “My most recent paintings express my interest in what I call the "UNDERWORLD". I’m fascinated by the worlds that exist beyond our immediate field of vision and have an abiding interest in the flora and fauna that occupy the space within these tiny worlds. The kind of things that one must hunt for in the grass, in the pools of water or with a microscope.”

"FLORA VS. FAUNA, UNDERWORLD IV" 18" x 18" acrylic on canvas

“I try to render my interpretations of these tiny worlds in my paintings. I love the insects, fish and simple life forms. Some of these creatures create exceptionally complex social structures that in many ways mirror the world where humans dwell. I find myself attracted to these subjects for their extraordinary physical beauty: fantastic design, structure and their complexities of color, translucence… It’s amazing how so many organisms have evolved into our complex world.”

"UNDERWORLD 1, INSECTUS." 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas

“Insectus,” was painted to give the insects human characteristics. Steven describes, “This is because in my opinion, their lives mirror the lives of people in so many interesting ways. Complex, yet also simple, the insect world is vast. These beings are unencumbered by the weighty things such as human intelligence. I sometimes yearn to become part of a simpler existence…”

"UNDERWORLD II, Zooooids." 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

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