Cathie Bleck at Aqua

Symbiosis : 18" x 18"

Cathie Bleck, born into the fine arts in Chicago, layers her canvas with Kaolin clays and inks and then carves into the surface with lyrical line. Cathie captures the energy of movement in her paintings while honoring the delicate relationship between dark and light.

Escaping Fear : 12" x 12" : Kaolin Clay and Ink on Scratchboard : Available for Aqua

“The driving force of my work is the noble and sensual mysteries of life--humility and awe in the face of nature; reverence for the passions of selflessness; finding joy and love in discovery; and the moral clash between opposing world views.”

In Awe of Life Itself Study : 11"x14" : Graphite on Vellum : Available for Aqua
In Awe of Life Itself : 18" x 24" : Kaolin Clay and Ink on Scratchboard : Available for Aqua

Cathie references her personal scuba diving experiences, as seen in “Escaping Fear.” “When I came face to face with an eel and touched a giant seahorse it made me realize my childhood dreams of playing with many fish underwater. I find peace and solitude when scuba diving and am fascinated by the endless beauty and discovery under water.”

Inheritance : 18.5”x42” : Inks, kaolin clay, gold leaf and flowers on paper
Originally exhibited at The Butler Museum of American Art

Cathie describes her piece “Inheritance,” “Under the torrent of life’s challenges, distractions and joys - fragile and precious, the next generation and all hope falls to us. The eternal and sacred privilege of each past generation rests in our hands - to know and to honor that which has come before, and instill in the next generation the love, awareness, creative energy and the will to service others.”

Museum Exhibitions
New Britain Museum of American Art, CT : Retrospective 2008
Butler Institute of American Art, OH : New Works : Becoming Human : 2008

Museum Group Exhibitions :
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, MI 2008
Florence Griswald Museum, CT 2007
Egg’s Castle, Naples, Italy 2007


You can check out more of Cathie’s work on the following links:

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