Joel Nakamura at Aqua

Gameron : Exhibited at Scribble.08 Premiere : San Diego : CA

Joel Nakamura is a Santa Fe based fine artist who creates a visually rich narrative with mythological symbols juxtaposed with Japanese inspired mythology. Joel’s pop-art-style is unique, as he paints a vibrant color palette on metal canvases, paying homage to Godzilla, Astro-Boy, Ultraman and their foes.

“My current muse is Japanese monsters and super heroes and my second is Aikido. Aikido is an art that I train in every day. Recently, I’m painting a series of paintings featuring Ultraman practicing Aikido on various monsters.”

Mechagodzilla : Polymers/enamel/resin on Metal : 24" x 24" : Available for Aqua

This year, will feature 3 new paintings by Joel, including “Mechagodzilla” a new painting on metal featuring the central character, Mechagodzilla in a match with Astro Boy and Gamera. Joel’s paintings invite closer examination upon seeing his work at a distance. Visit this year’s Aqua Art Fair and see the ultra-goodness for yourself.

Conquest of Luddites : Polymers/enamel/resin on Metal : 12" x 12" : Available for Aqua

Gallery Exhibitions
2009 : July : Scribble.08 Screening in San Diego : CA
2010 : May : Subtext- San Diego : CA

Museum Group Exhibitions
2008 Daruma show Japanese American National Museum : CA
2009 Kokeshi show- Japanese American National Museum : CA
2007 Black Madonna Show- Museum of Catholic Art : NY

Check out Joel’s work online at

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