Chris Buzelli at Aqua Art Fair

Weed Beasts : 18" x 24" : oil on board : Framed : Available for Aqua Art Fair

Chris Buzelli is a New York, based fine artist, (originally from Chicago), who incorporates his childhood memories intertwined with fantastical beasts to set the mood of his pieces. Chris balances scenic backdrops with dynamic characters, conjuring feelings from a bygone era, as he explains, “Somewhere in between this world and one inhabited by gigantic beasts and sea creatures.” Chris’ work compliments the “soul” capturing moments of personal relationships and oddly familiar memories.

Aging Tyger : oil on panel : 18"x21" : Available for Aqua Art Fair

Chris shares, “Lately I’ve been working larger then usual. The larger scale allows for more detail and some extra freedom with my brush strokes. Every once in a while I find myslelf in a bit of a creative slump and I find by changing things up just a little really helps. ‘Aging Tyger’ is a painting that deals with my love and fascination of the animal kingdom. It is such a shame that many of the wild animals have, and will disappear during my lifetime.”

The Sea Collector : 12" x 12" : oil on board : Available for Aqua Art Fair

Exhibitions 2009
Bright Spot, solo show, Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Dimebag 3, Giant Robot Gallery, NYC
Grand Opening, The 4th Wall Gallery, Dallas TX
Illustration West, Gallery Nucleus, Los Angles CA

Exhibitions 2008
Brad Benedict's Sideshow, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Failure, The Museum of Art Denver, Denver, CO
5th Year Anniversary, Varnish Fine Art Gallery, San Francisco CA
New Acquisitions, The Tropen Museum, Amsterdam Netherlands

Tropen 4

Check out Chris Buzelli's work, his blog at drawger is great:

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