Seonna Hong at Aqua

Seonna Hong : The Zero Sum Game : 2009 : Mixed Media : 7" x 7"

Over the next couple of weeks, and in preparation of the Aqua Art Fair in Miami, you will be introduced to a mix of fine artists who represent the fine arts in pop, collage, stencil, graffiti and fine rendering. Seonna Hong, Tony Fitzpatrick, Jeff Soto, Martin Wittfooth, Meggs, Cathie Bleck, Robert Connett, Mia, Marco Wagner, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Brendan Danielsson, Christopher Buzelli, Leslie Ditto and Joel Nakamura.

Mix Tape : Acrylic on Paper and Wood : 24" x 48"

Our first installment features Seonna Hong, a talented fine artist who doubles as an animation art director. Seonna received an Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Background Styling for her work on “My Life as a Teenage Robot” presented by Nickelodeon. Seonna is working on two pieces that will feature a narrative style that is both abstract and emotional.

The Corrective Effects of a Brushfire : mixed media on paper

Seonna’s piece, "The Corrective Effects of a Brushfire" was created while the fires were burning in Los Angeles. Seonna describes, “It cast such an apocalyptic air in the city, literally, with a big black cloud of smoke looming... the tragedy of lives and homes lost. I had also been listening to the news about everything going on in the economy and that all the things that were breaking down were things that sort of needed to break down because they had been built up on this flawed foundation. I was thinking how other things in life were that way and I began thinking about how all the uncertainty didn't have to be bad or scary, but that the things that were breaking down would be corrective somehow, like a brushfire. And that it was necessary for healthy growth. I saw that as an opportunity to look at my life and my art differently. So this is the piece I made.”

Seonna Hong : “We’re all seven” and “Meet me by the pond, mama”
Mixed Media on Paper : 10" x 10"
Available for Aqua Wynwood

Seonna Hong Museum Installations :
Knoxville Museum of Art, "SubUrban Series"
Laguna Art Museum, "The Juxtapoz Factor"
Japanese American National Museum, "Giant Robot Biennale"

This is for me not to have : Acrylic on Panel : 48" x 48"

Gallery Exhibitions 2009
Jonathan Levine, "Beach Blanket Bingo" Group Exhibition
Sloan Fine Art, "+2" Group Exhibition
GRSF "15 year Anniversary show" Group Exhibition
Sloan Fine Art, "I Know What You're Thinking..." 3 person show

Gallery exhibitions 2010- 2011
Subliminal Projects, 5 person show
Kaikai Kiki Taipei, solo show

Siren Song : Acrylic on Panel : 48" x 48"

You can learn more about Seonna and discover more about her great artworks at Aqua Art Fair, Miami, FL : December 3-6 : Booth 44a + 44b

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