Marco Wagner at Art Basel

Marco Wagner : Banderillero : 12" x 12" : acrylic on board : framed

Marco Wagner is a German artist who inspired by his childhood fears, “As a very small boy, I had often felt uneasy about older people in my family, with their strange smells, wrinkles, warts and thick glasses, even though they meant me no harm. I utilize this fear in my paintings.” Marco is currently featuring a new series of 3 paintings.

Marco Wagner : Tovarna B : Acrylic on Panel : 12" x 12"

Marco Wagner : Tovarna E2 : Acrylic on Panel : 18" x 18"

Marco describes, “I often involve factories in my paintings, because for me they have a strange atmosphere. When I was a kid, I worked in those dirty factories during vacations and I always felt like I was in a nightmare. And, at the moment, I painted a special suite featuring factories and bullfights. As a kid, I watched a traditional bullfight in Spain and was totally shocked about that bloody dramatic fight of the bull. Well I think bullfight and factories mixed in one painting shows multiple levels of fear and the more I play with my own fears…I learn how to comprehend them.”

Tovarna Z : 18" x 18" : acrylic on board

Marco also shares, “One piece that I love very much, is the painting TOVARNA Z. As you see, it's another piece about factories in a very dark and dirty landscape. The size is 18" x 18" acrylic on board. We visit every year the Czech Republic, homeland of my wife and I am really inspired by the landscape sprinkled with many factories. In the night, you can see the fires burning on the horizon and there exists a town called Trinec, where the steel-factory is so big, it’s almost the whole town. Cruel!”

Recent Exhibitions
2009 one night show, damen und herren, Duesseldorf, Germany
2009 Superhero Exhibition, San Diego, USA
2009 Illustrative, Berlin, Germany
2010 Solo Show, 19Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach, Australia
2010 Solo Show, Marco Wagner + Roman Klonek, DDR Projects Gallery, Long Beach, USA

You can explore more of Marco’s work by visiting any of the following websites, the kid gets around.

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