Mark Murphy Manifesto 2010

Entering into the first official work week of 2010 has inspired careful reflection of the past 20 years as a designer, author, publisher, artist and all around promoter of the arts. And, like you, I have begun the new-year with a short list of personal goals and resolutions.

Tony Fitzpatrick : "Max and Gaby's Alphabet" : 2000

My first goal is to further my life-long initiative to better educate the public about the visual narrative arts and continually introduce “living artists,” who are not afraid to stand outside of the box, through books, films and critical essays. I believe, in short time, this focus will pass on important artistic impressions and deliver the most innovative grouping of fine artists the world has seen for future generations.

Rob and Christian Clayton : Drippy Come Home : 2003

Secondly, it is my hope to continue to exhibit important works of emerging fine artists who look to redefine the complexities of life within the visual narrative arts in an annual “Salon" styled exhibition. It will be my personal quest to recommend these artists to museums as today’s best cultural instigators.

Miguel Covarrubias : 1904-1957 :
Mexican Street Scene Lithograph, 1940 : "Balinesia" drawing, 1937 :
Zinc Plate outline w/painted gouache artist proof, 1946

Lastly, and most importantly, it is my heartfelt desire to continue supporting the arts through actively collecting and archiving a steady mix of fine art paintings created by the “masters” of art history combined with today’s best in modern narrative painting. I, (Mark Murphy), will continue to support personal commissions and collaborations while offering artists artistic freedom in which to explore a unique visual language that services our world as a constant source for inspiration and lively discussion.

In dedication to this monumental task a new chapter has begun.

Pablo Picasso : 1881-1973 : Etching with Crayon Application

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