Communication Arts Illustration No. 51 Judge

Communication Arts Illustration Annual No. 42 and No.43
—Douglas Fraser and Nicholas Wilton originals featured in Murphy Design publications

Communication Arts (CA) magazine is the largest trade journal for visual communications located just south of San Francisco. CA has featured critical essays and visual examples of graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration and the media arts for over five decades.

Marc Burckhardt featured in "Green," fine art exhibition curated by Mark Murphy

Fortunately, Mark Murphy, (that’s me), will be featured as a judge later this month for the 51st Illustration Annual for the magazine created by Richard Coyne and Robert Blanchard in 1959. Today, Communication Arts continues under the guidance of the Coyne family, Patrick and his mother Jane.

Cathie Bleck's "Mother Nature's Son" featured in "Open Spaces"

Needless to say, I am honored for the opportunity and look forward to taking a critical look at work completed throughout 2009. CA has always been very good to me through the years, including back-to-back covers for their illustration annuals in 2001 (No. 42 featuring Douglas Fraser) and 2002 (No. 43 featuring Nicholas Wilton). Both of these covers featured early Murphy Design self-published calendar projects, “SuperHero” and “OuterSpace.”

Melinda Beck and Red Nose Studio featured in "Heaven and Hell"

Approaching my 20th anniversary since starting Murphy Design, CA has honored many of the great artist collaborations featured in Murphy publications and corporate projects. Inspired artists have included: Gary Baseman, Melinda Beck, Cathie Bleck, Juliette Borda, Marc Burckhardt, Marcos Chin, Joe Ciardiello, Rob and Christian Clayton, Jody Hewgill, Chris Gall, John Hendrix, Jordin Isip, Rafael Lopez, Michael Mabry, Mark Ryden, Owen Smith, Joe Sorren, Gary Taxali and Pol Turgeon, to mention a few.

Chris Pyle featured in "Dialogue, The fine art of Conversation"

The judges who will be hard at work this month include: Melanie Doherty (Melanie Doherty Design, San Francisco), Joan Ferrell (American Lawyer Media, New York), C.F. Payne (Cincinnati based illustrator), Rob Wilson (Playboy Enterprises, Chicago) and Mark Murphy (Murphy Design, San Diego). If you are interested in an application, click right here. Good luck.

Gary Taxali featured in "Dialogue, The fine art of Conversation"

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