SD Addy Torture

Today, I received a San Diego Ad Club call for entries for the local ADDY awards. Each year I enter knowing it is important to participate in the community, share the love, support the Ad Club and say hey : It also furthers the idea that maybe the work stacks up on a localized level and possibly onward for National achievement during the National ADDY awards :

Needless to say, the SD ADDY awards have been good to me, as I've earned back to back best of shows and a series of Gold/Silver medals for important clients who have vested good faith in me over the past 9 years, while living in SD.

And back to the entries…I thought the call for entries was a bit amateur…read on below…

SD Addy Call for Entries complete with an art director crucifixion on a Volkswagen

Hello : Ummmm, I received the recent Addy Call for entries for the coming year :

Not sure that this is a great reflection on localized creativity -- a bit pompous, ego-based and in no doubt, the result of a late night drinking binge by a creative who hit the snooze bar once too many times, only to hand in a rushed concept of what was to be : Notice the poorly cropped photo, awkwardly written copy and lavender color better suited for church attire to be worn after mocking the crucifixion while looking for immediate redemption :

But the part of this promotion that makes me question the leadership of the San Diego Addy parade, is the economical and irresponsible use of materials proving wasteful : As if we really needed to receive this mockery through the mail on a poster-sized Addy contest reminder (17" x 22"), stuffed in an over sized envelope only to be printed on one side : And I say to myself upon receiving, “
Pure genius, I think I will have it framed.” IF the creative cheers come from the grand stand and IF this is entered and earns an ADDY in 2010 I will publicly puke on the prized statuette of this hallowed contest and capture it all on film so that you might consider it worthy for next year’s San Diego Addy Call for entries in 2011 : Secretly, I hope it does, as I am a man of my word :

Further, I secretly wished that the nails did actually pierce the skin of the central “hang-out-my-johnson” inspired kaki director, and drive straight through the roof of the car : As I believe, this would be the only saving grace for this amateur display of what should have been representational of creative leadership and care for the creative community : Then again, “
Why should I care?” and remind me again, “Why should I enter?”

Glad you asked :

Respectfully and inspired to do more : Mark Murphy

PS : kind sponsors, does this product reflect kindly on your committed leadership in the creative arts? I wonder if Volkswagen promotes automotive crucifixion?

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