USA Today features Scribble.08 Documentary

Today is a big day. Scribble.08 fine art documentary and artist Mark Todd are featured on USA Today’s website by John Geddes (read on in USA Today). To support the article, I have linked previous stories written about about Scribble.08 (story one : story two : trailer) and Mark Todd (story one : story two : story three). You can access by clicking on the story links.

The Scribble 08 blog is set up for you to discover artists from around the world. Feel free to explore, as there are over 124 archived stories featuring hundreds of artists.

Murphy Fine Art Films presents Scribble.08, a documentary film inspired by the art movement of southern California. Directed by author, artist, designer, Mark Murphy and produced by Ten Stories and Ninthlink, this 48-minute film features interviews with 8 significant artists of our time: Rob and Christian Clayton, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Tim Biskup, Camille Rose Garcia and Kevin Christy. The film chronicles the growth of these talented artists and, through candid interviews, relays compelling stories of their obstacles, triumphs and sources of inspiration. Photographs, sketches and paintings are seamlessly woven into the storytelling, and original music by MANUOK, Tim Biskup’s Big Butter, The Lyle and the Sparkleface Band featuring Joe Sorren and UKEFINK featuring Jason Holley can be heard throughout the film’s narration.

“We all played with line, round and round on a page.”

A passionate crew comprised of Rob Craghead, Jeromy and Matt Stallings, Ryan Sabo and Mark Murphy filmed artists in their studios in and around Los Angeles. With virtually no production budget, the team piled into a Jeep and rolled around southern California gathering inspired testimony and archiving a critical period in the arts. A project that began in the sketchbooks of Mark Murphy and evolved into a historic capture celebrating visual narrative that provides the fine arts community with an inspired look at 8 influential artists. It is hard to believe that Mark's philosophy was to have a 10 minute conversation, edit and then determine if there was enough footage to create a documentary.

Bonus features included a closer look at one of Tim Biskup's sketchbooks and commentary by Mark Murphy.

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