"Tempest" featuring Martin Wittfooth

Ishkur : Oil on Panel : 30" x 30" and A Trial by Fire (the Inquisitors) : Oil on Linen : 83" x 51"

The storm has yet to calm as Brooklyn based artist, Martin Wittfooth, has recently installed a new collection of paintings and 3-dimensional objects at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Martin’s new exhibit entitled, “Tempest,” draws you into a world running for cover, away from the loom of darkness and unsettled emotions.

Martin and his dear friends, Elizabeth Winnel and Jon Todd, arrived in Santa Monica on Monday night to work on the main installation in his show featuring a large weathered shack. (It is as if the shack was discovered in the Midwest on an abandoned farm, disassembled and then rebuilt in Santa Monica). The shack greets you, blown from left to right, spewing old gun manuals, biblical pages, shards of glass, wood and other personal effects into full flight. The shack spews out and into the main gallery space revealing ten paintings ranging in size from 30” x 30” to 83” x 51.”

Tempest : Oil on Canvas : 48" x 60"

Martin’s “Tempest” collection features a diverse species of animals faced with extreme direst as the storm approaches. The exhibit’s theme is anchored by a large vertical painting entitled, “Tempest” (48” x 60”), inspired by Dutch Realist painter, Jan Weenix the Younger (164?-1719). Jan’s oil on canvas masterpiece, “Falconer’s Bag” (1965) inspired Martin to further study Dutch and Flemish painters from the 16th and 17th centuries including: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Rubens and Van Dyke.

Jan Weenix the Younger : Falconer's Bag

Dutch Realism has furthered Martin’s understanding of allegoric symbols presented amongst his animal characters struggling for survival in an environment where man “is no more” and the landscape has been littered with unwanted artifacts of human existence.

Martin Wittfooth pays homage to the Dutch and Flemish painters

Discover Martin Wittfooth’s “Tempest” at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica opening Saturday, February 13 and on view until March 6. Contact Copro for acquisition information and visit Martin’s website.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Martin will be featured in the upcoming art documentary series, Scribble, directed by Mark Murphy. Martin is currently working on his new book with Yves la Roche and Murphy Design scheduled for released later this year.

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